Prairie Garden Cemetery

Prairie Garden Cemetery

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Sorry, Currently there are no listings for this cemetery. If you would like to "adopt" this cemetery by completing a thorough inventory of grave stones, please contact the SCHGS for further instructions.

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Prairie Garden Cemetery, Belle Plaine Twnsp, R 1 E, T 30, Sec 4, SE corner of S E .  Location from Mulvane: 4 W, 1 S.  

This is a very old cemetery.   When it was first laid out, it was several more feet to the west and extended to the road on the east, which is now called So. Hydraulic. 

In the early 1940's, it was made more narrow by moving the west line to the east near the standing markers and moveinbg the east line to the west near the standing markers.  Any markers that were within those areas were moved to the newly enclosed area.

This was done with the sanction of the Township Board. 

The oldest marker is dated 1875, and the latest one is dated 1953.