Pleasant Hill/Attebery Cemetery

Pleasant Hill/Attebery Cemetery

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Sorry, currently we have no listings for this cemetery. This cemetery was adopted by Sherri Theurer and D. Whaley on February 14, 2000 . Their information is forthcoming.

Please contact the SCHGS with any questions.

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983)

"Attebery Cemetery, Jackson Twnshp, R1W, T33, Sec 29, SE corner of NE 1/4. Location from Rome: 2 1/2 W, 1/2 S.

In a Warranty Deed dated April 3, 1882, and filed May 3, 1882, James L. Hodges and wife Nancy L., deeded the following description of land to Horace J. Hawley, Harland Attebery and Thomas M. Wood as Trustees: A tract of land beginning at the Southeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter of Section 29, Township 33, Range 1 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, in Sumner County, Kansas, thence running North along the East line of said Quarter Section 24 rods, thence West 13 1/2 rods, then South 24 rods to South line of said Quarter Section, then East on said Sout line to the beginning, to be held by said grantees in trust for the use of the general public as a cemetery to be known as Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

The name change of the cemetery is noted in this Warranty Deed dated March 26, 1910, and filed March 26, 1919, Luella F. Stewart, a widow, deeded the following described land to W.F. Attebery, W.W. Thompson and C.D.L. Walcher, Trustees of the Attebery Cemetery or what was known as Pleasant Hill Cemetery: beginning 24 rods North from Southeast Corner, thence North 6 rods, thence West 13 1/2 rods, thence South 6 rods, thence East 13 1/2 rods to beginning, in Sumner County, Kansas.

A warranty Deed dated year 1951 still shows this 2 1/2 acre tract being EXCEPTED for cemetery purposes.

The price of $5.00 for 5 burial spaces has never changed.

The oldest legible marker was that of Effie Davis who died Oct. 19, 1878.

There was another marker with the date of July 19, 1878 for Ivey________. It was for the three sons of____________. The marker was much different than most used when giving the names of more than one person."

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