Palestine Cemetery

Palestine Cemetery

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I visited this area in 1998 to see if any tombstones could be found.  I found one marble footstone (no markings) in the ditch along the abandoned rail bed.

Do you know of others buried here?  Contact the SCHGS with any information or questions.

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Palestine Cemetery, Palestine Twnsp, R2E, T31, Sec. 28, E 1/2 of NW 1/4 and about 1/4 mile South of the East-West road.  Location from Belle Plaine: 3 E, 4 S, 1/2 E.

At one time this cemetery had several graves with several markers.  Time and floods took their toll, so in due time this cemetery was no longer used.

One farmer notified relatives of his desire to have the marker removed from his land.  All responded but for 2 markers, which were then placed along the East fence line under hedge trees.  Since then blowing dust and sand have covered them and they could not be found.

People South of the Ninnescah River by the name of Meek and others forded the river to bury their relatives.

It is believed some members of the Ira Spencers and McCammons were buried their, too.

Three other pages are included with this. They were prepared by Mary Hackney.

Page 1: (photocopy of 1883 Atlas of Sumner County, KS showing location of cemetery)

Page 2: Palestine Township (Township 31 South, Range 2 East)

1.  Cemetery was located in the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 28.  See map for exact location.

W.B. McCammon received the Patent from the United States Government in 1873, and the administrator of his probate estate deeded it to James L. McCammon in 1875, but there is no mention of a cemetery in this description of East Half of Northwest Quarter of Section 28, Township 31 South, Range 2 East of 6th P.M. (See Map)

In a Warranty Deed, dated April 17, 1889 and filed in the Register of Deeds office of Sumner County, Kansas, on July 1, 1889, and recorded in Book 57, Page 229, shows that James L. McCammon and wife Permelia C., deed the following real description to Joseph S. Cox and Sarah B. Cox:

East Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 28, Township 31 South, Range 2 East of the 6th P.M., in Sumner County, Kansas, EXCEPT the following described tract, to-wit:

Commencing on the East line of said tract at a point 82 1/2 rods South og the Northeaster Corner of said tract herein conveyed, then West 7 rods, then South 10 rods, then East 7 rods, to the line, then North to place of beginning.

(Note: I find nothing which says this exception is the cemetery, but there will not be deeds for many of the cemeteries in Sumner County, but the location of the cemetery shown on the map could well be the above legal description excepted.)

J.S. Cox and wife filed a deed in June 1911 deeding a strip of land to the Wichita and Midland Valley Railroad Company, which land is described as follows: Beginning at Southeast corner of northwest Quarter of Section 28, thence North along East line thereof 1070 feet; thence West 36.5 feet; thence South t a point on South line 39 feet West of said Southeast Corner; thence East to the point of beginning, containing .92 of an acre. (Note: I put in this railroad description to show you that the cemetery would appear to be West of the railroad.)

The last instrument filed on the E 1/2 of NW 1/4, dated March 13, 1979, was an Oil and Gas Lease, and it still excepts the above dated April 17, 1889, with the other exception.  These two tracts have been excepted on many instruments through the years.

Page 3: (Findings on Cemetery in E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Sec. 28, Twp. 31 South, Range 2 East, continued):

Warranty Deeds dated February 22, 1944, and July 13, 1948, and July 25, 1960, and February 3, 1941 all continue to EXCEPT the following description from the land being sold:

A tract commencing at the East line of the East Half of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 28, at a point 82 1/2 rods South of the Northeast corner of said tract, thence West 7 rods, thence South 10 rods, thence East 7 rods to the place of beginning.


A Mortgage dated January 1, 1962 EXCEPTS the same description shown above.


An Oil and Gas Lease dated March 13, 1979 and filed April 9, 1979 continues to EXCEPT the same tract description as shown above, from the East Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 28, Township 31 South, Range 2 East.


(NOTE: None of the instruments shown above state whether or not this tract is a cemetery.)"


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