Oxford Cemetery

Oxford Cemetery

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A big thanks to the Oxford Cemetery District for providing a copy of the Oxford Cemetery District Database!!!!!!!

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Oxford Cemetery Information

March 29, 2000

(provided by Saundra Crile, Secretary)

* Clifford Metz (sexton of the cemetery in the '60's and '70's) and his wife, Ruby, compiled most of the early data.  It was my understanding that the sexton's cemetery record book was used and they walked the cemetery recording the information from the stones.  The information was put on 3X5 cards and categorized by name and block/lot/space.  I took on the task in the '80's of typing this information on the cards and any new burials were then put on the cards and kept updated (information given to me by the current sexton, Gerry Oliver).  All of this information was then put in the database in February 2000.

*  Only deaths that have occurred within the last few months have the data of birth on them.  I will continue to include the dates of birth, if the information becomes available.  I have been getting the information from the obituaries for the last few months.

*  Some of the dates of death (prior to 1980) had only the year available.  Because of the programming of the database, some dates of death (month/day/year) will show as 1/1 (January 1).  However, it probably was a different actual date.  January 1 was used as default, more or less.

*  Included in the database is "Lot Owner" information.  There are several space that have no one buried there, but I have been tracking the lot owners for the past several years.

*  Additional information on some the graves is included in the "Remarks" section.  Any information that was on the 3X5 cards was transferred to the database.

*  If anyone has additional information on these graves, I would like to include it in the cemetery's database.  (I would like to know, too  dlball@hit.net)

Saundra Crile, Secretary, Oxford Cemetery District

BOX 157, Oxford, KS 67119    (316) 455-2984

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Click HERE to view records sorted by family name.

It is recommended that you take note of the area, block, and lot number of your ancestor. You will have the opportunity below to view the same records sorted by area/ block/lot number. Often you can discover relatives by noting who is buried near your kinfolk.

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Click HERE to view records sorted by location.

A map is forthcoming. The links also include additional information such as lot owner.

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We need a volunteer(s) to "walk" the cemetery to record dates of birth and to verify the dates of death.  If interested, please contact the SCHGS


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