Osborne Cemetery

Osborne Cemetery

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Osborne Cemetery is located in Osborne Twp., R2W,T32S,Sec 21. NW corner of NEĽ.  location from Mayfield, ˝ mile east.

The following is taken from notes and the book MAYFIELD THEN AND NOW  By Elaine Clark & Sherry Kline.  If you would like to learn more about this about this cemetery and the community surrounding it check out MAYFIELD THEN AND NOW

Osborne Cemetery

     Osborne Cemetery is located on-half mile east of Mayfield on West20th St. South (old Highway 160).
     In 1880, a Warranty Deed was given by George W. Walton, andhis wife Elizabeth, to the  Trustees of the Osborne Township Cemetery Association.   The deed was dated May 12, 1880, for a consideration of $1.00, and was filed March 5, 1881, in the Register of Deeds Office in Sumner County, Kansas, to be used for a cemetery.

     Information about the burials in Osborne Cemetery was obtained from former sexton Roy Stayton, current sexton Robert Stayton, the First National Bank at Mayfield, the Sumner County Courthouse, the "Cemeteries in Sumner County" book, and is a result of Norman and Sherry Kline typing up information, and walking the cemetery, and recording tombstone information.

     Norma Jo Miller said that her father, John Wade, was the sexton for the Osborne Cemetery prior to Roy Stayton.  Norma Jo added that her father started his day each Memorial Day by putting out the flags for the veterans and staying most of the day to visit with everyone who came to put out flowers.  Currently, Gene Heasty sets out the flags each Memorial Day for the veterans.

     Norma Jo said that the early records of the cemetery were destroyed in a house fire, and the records had to be reconstructed.

     The oldest legible marker when Harvey and Ruth Swan gathered information in the 1970's and 1980's was that of Erma Wilbur, who died September 28,1877.  

A big thanks goes out to Sherry and Norman Kline for indexing this cemetery!!     

Its been brought to my attention that there is a problem with the Osborne Cemetery databases. I will try to get them back up soon.


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