Mulvane Cemetery

Mulvane Cemetery

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This listing was compiled and donated by Patty Woods Delcamp.
Updated June 2010

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The Mulvane Cemetery is located at 1601 E. 119 St. So. Mulvane, KS

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Information on the Mulvane Cemetery;

Mulvane Cemetery, Gore Twnsp,  R 2 E, T 30, Sec. 3, NW corner of NW 1/4.  Location from Mulvane: 1 1/2 E.

The original cemetery measured 664' x 742'.  The Plat was file Dec. 8, 1886.

The oldest legible marker is dated 1879.

The first cemetery association was composed of Adam Huffbauer, Erasmus Shull, M D Canady, 11 acres were purchased from Oscar Potter. 

Early in 1957, the Mulvane Cemetery and the Littleton Cemetery were made into a district to be funded by a Township Mill Levy.  This district became known as the Mulvane-Littleton Cemetery Association.  Feb. 16, 1957, five directors were elected:     G C Hooten, Pres;  Geo Bradfield, Vice-pres;  Jessie Long, Sec; and Margaret Conklin.  At that time the Township Board granted them $495.07;  that was the balance in the cemetery fund at that time. 

A water well was soon put down , and with capable caretakers the area has always been beautifully kept.  

In May, 1962,    11 acres more were bought from Louie and Minnie Braddy.


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