Littleton Cemetery

Littleton Cemetery


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The Littleton Cemetery list was compiled and donated by Patty Woods Delcamp.

Updated July 2010

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      Littleton Cemetery, Gore Twp, R 2 E, T 30, Dec 9, SW corner of SE 80.  Location from Mulvane: 2 S, 2 E. 

     Calvin and Elizabeth Little homesteaded in section 9 in 1872.   Shortly after arriving here, a little daughter was buried near the cabin.Between 1872 and 1882, the Little's also buried 3 sons.

     Sumner Kennedy bought this land from the Littles in 1873.   He gave approximately 10 acres for what is now known as the Littleton Cemetery.

     The first president of the Littleton cemetery Assoc. was Alfonso Shull in 1887.





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