Highland/Geuda Springs/Salt Springs

Highland/Fairview/Salt Springs

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Sorry, Currently there are no listings for this cemetery. If you would like to "adopt" this cemetery by completing a thorough inventory of grave stones, please contact the SCHGS for further instructions.

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Highland Cemetery, Valverde Twnsp, R2E, T33, Sec 36, SW corner of SE 80 of SW 1/4.  Location from Geuda Springs: 1/2 W, 1 N, 1/4 E.

Highland Cemetery is owned by the town of Geuda Springs.  The original was 809' X 710'.  The plat was filed on June 6, 1887, and at that time named Salt Springs Cemetery.

In July 1888, the name was changed to Fairview Cemetery.

In Dec. 1914, the name was changed again.  This time to Highland Cemetery.

The oldest marker is that of William H. Darlington, dated March 12, 1873.

The members of the first association were: WH Darlington, Josiah W. Holden, Orin J. Ward, Wm. Randall, H. Belnap, Thomas Fernald, HB Pruden, WE Chenoweth, Horance Simmons, S. Huff, and IH Brown."


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