Heron Grave

Heron Grave

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Family Burial Plot, Sumner Twnsp, R2W, T31, Sec. 20, NE corner of NE 1/4, about 100' south of the road.  Location from Anson: 1/2 S, 1 W, 1S, about 1/4 W.

A small grove of Walnut trees marks the graves of 2 little girls.

A farmer, owner of the land, Joe Heron, had a little girl who died and buried in this field.  Shortly thereafter, a little girl became ill and died while traveling with her parents through the area.  It was then Mr. Heron gave the family permission to bury their daughter near where he had recently buried his daughter.

He promised that space would never be farmed over; so he planted some walnut trees around the graves as a safeguard.  As time passed, more tress grew so that now there is a small grove there."


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