Hahn Cemetery

Hahn Cemetery

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Cemetery has been surveyed. List and Photos are Forthcoming!

Contact the SCHGS for more information.

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Hahn Cemetery, Chicaskia Twnsp, R3W, T33, Sec. 23, SW corner of SW 1/4.  Location from Perth: 6 W, 1 S.

On Warranty Deed dated Oct. 10 1892, and filed Nov. 21, 1892, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Corzine deeded three tracts of land.  The first one to the Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Chicaskia Township for the purpose of establishing a cemetery. (The East tract) The second or west tract, was deeded to School District #75 for a school.  The third tract, in the middle, was deeded to the church trustees but does not specify a direct purpose but it is supposed it was for a church building.

The oldest legible marker reads "Dempsey P. Sears, died Nov. 15, 1893, age 25 years, 2 mo, 28 days."


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