Glasgow Family Cemetery

Glasgow Family Cemetery

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Glasgow Family Plot, Avon Twnsp, R1E, T32, Sec 33, SE corner of SW 1/4.  Location from Wellington: 3E on #160, 3 3/4 S.

This land is now owned by Oscar Larsen.  It is hoped that in the near future this marker will be restored to its' original setting.

(NOTE: there is a photocopy of a newspaper clipping? which shows the very large monument.  Due to the nature of photocopied photos, it isn't suitable for reproduction on this web page)

James N. and Lydia Glasgow, also, a granddaughter were buried in a private cemetery on their farm SE of Wellington, Kans.  The stone, imported from Scotland was of red granite, polished like glass and glistened in the sun.  It was on a large square base, the stone was square with four sides for inscriptions.  It was a piece of art and a landmark, could be seen for miles on sunny days.  The people of the community as well as the grandchildren were unhappy when the granddaughter who owned the land had it torn down because the plot had weeds on it.  On front just above the base is the name Glasgow.  L. side: In memory of Lydia M., wife of J. N. Glasgow, b. Bellville, Ill. Mar 16, 1829, d. Wellington, Kans. Dec 21, 1883.  She was all implied in the words wife, mother and Christian.  R. side: James N. Glasgow b. Sept. 4, 1824, d. July 4, 1897.  He giveth her beloved sleep."

I drove around this area in 1998, and as far as I could tell, this tombstone has not be re-erected.  Does anybody know where this tombstone is now?  I would be interested in knowing.  Please contact the SCHGS 


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