Gibson Family Cemetery

Gibson Family Cemetery

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Family burial plot, Sumner Twnsp, R2W, T31, Sec 23, NW corner of SE 80 of SW 1/4.  Location from Anson: 1 1/2 S, 1 E, 1/2 S, 1/4 E.

This had been a family graveyard whose survivors drifted or passed away leaving no one to care for it.  Markers became broken and moved to fence lines and later carried away.

In later years this area has become farmland.

We did find one marker which had this inscription:

Samuel Gibson, Feb. 4, 1879.  52 yrs., 11 mo., 19 days.

At one time this was known as the Greathouse farm."

Do you know of others buried here?  Please contact the SCHGS


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