Garden of Lollik/ Hansen-Larson Family Cemetery

Garden of Lollik/ Hansen-Larsen Cemetery

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"The Garden of Lollik, Walton Twnsp, R2E, T34, Sec 26, NE corner of SE 1/4.  Location 1 W of Cowley Co. Line, 1/2 N of #166 Highway.

This is a 1 acre area.  The land was homesteaded about 1875.  The document was signed by Pres. Grant.

Cedars and other native trees, and a stone wall mark the boundaries of the tract.  Flowers, stone walks, and rustic seats add to the beauty of the area.

This cemetery was established for the use of the Larsen and Hansen families, natives of Denmark.

Kierstine Larsen, daughter of Hans Larsen, was the first to be buried in the plot.  She was born on the Island of Falster, Denmark, Aug. 18, 1845, and died Feb. 8, 1879, a victim of consumption.  The epitaph on her marker is inscribed in Danish, but the translation is: Amiable she won all, intelligent she charmed all, feverent she loved all, and dead she saddened all.

In the center of the garden area are the memorable markers for three grandparents of the Hansen children: the paternal grandparents and the maternal grandmother.  They are Hans Larsen, Oct. 3, 1820--April 4, 1904; his wife Bodil Larsen, June 12, 1824--Feb 6, 1913, and the Hansen children's Mor-Mor (meaning mother's mother) Mrs. Karen Jensen, July 9, 1830--July 29, 1904.  All were born in Denmark.

Others of the second generation buried in this plot are: Jens Peters Hansen, Jan. 2, 1852--March 21, 1935; his wife, Kirstine Bodil Hansen, Aug. 20, 1850--June 8, 1948; Wilhelm Androess Hansen (single) Feb 8, 1860--Sept. 25, 1943; and Orla Valdemar (Walter) Hansen, April 23, 1857--Jan. 8, 1935.

Orla Valdemar Hansen, who assumed the name Walter, erected a memorial monument for the cemetery and himself and dug his own grave 20 years before he needed it.

His monument is of pink granite, measures more than 3' wide and stands 5' tall in the northeast corner of the cemetery.

The epitaph on his marker reads: "The music that can deepest reach to cure all ills is human speech"

In larger letters he had inscribed "Lollik Cemetery named after great-great grandfather who lived in 1666".

One day while in the Geuda Springs cafe he overheard a conversation concerning the difficulty encountered in securing workers to dig a grave.  He remarked to his family "I figure men are getting to be lazy to dig a person's grave and I'd better look after my own".  Thus the reason it was dug 20 years before his death.

Cement reinforced with steel enclosed the vault 6' deep, 6' long, and 4' wide.  Three heavy cement slabs were made to cover his grave.

Walter's only child died when his wife was visiting her family in Augusta, Kansas.  The wife remained with her family.

Two little girls of the third generation died of Black Diphtheria.  All toys and personal things except a rag doll were burned after the death of Lena A. Fester, May 20, 1890.  Her parents were Kearoline Christiane Larsen Fester and husband Julius Fester.

More than a year later, Oct. 27, 1891, six year old Clara A. Hansen, daughter of Jens Peter and Bodil Christine Hansen also died of Black Diphtheria. They believed she contacted the disease from the cousin's rag doll.

Their inscriptions are "Dear is this spot where Lena sleeps, and she is resting in peace.  but it was hard to part with her, for she was the darling of our hearts."

Clara's stone is inscribed: "O weep not for the loved one, so rudely from thee driven, twas but a flower too good for earth, transplanted into heaven:.

The third burial of the third generation was Clara's sister, Bertha Christine Belieu, born March 17, 1905, died Aug. 7, 1949.

The fourth burial of the third generation is an urn containing the ashes of Carl Falster Hansen, the eldest so of Jens Peter and Christine Bodil Hansen.  He was born June 28, 1884, and died April 27, 1945, in Westfield, New Jersey.

The only grave of the fourth generation is that of Silvie Alice Hansen, daughter of Emory and Mable Hansen. She was born April 3, 1937, and died July 12, 1937.

In the northwest portion of the cemetery, 2 cedar trees mark the graves of 2 babies who died when their parents were traveling through the country about 1906.  Permission of the Hansen family was given at night for the burial."


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