Forest Hills cemetery

Forest Hills Cemetery

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Sorry, Currently there are no listings for this cemetery. If you would like to "adopt" this cemetery by completing a thorough inventory of grave stones, please contact the SCHGS for further instructions.

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Forest Hills Cemetery, Guelph Twnsp, R 1 E, T 34, Sec 2 and 11; the first 3 acres are in section 11, NE corner of NW 1/4.  This plat was filed June 30, 1891.

Another 1/2 acre was added July 2, 1912, and is located on the North side of the road in section 2, SE corner of the SW 1/4.

This location is a 1/2 mile West of the old town site of Cleardale.  From Ashton: 2 N, 2 1/2 W.

The earliest date is 1874.  Several people had been buried on private land, then later placed in the cemetery when it was donated to the community by a Mr. Arnspiger on the family homestead.  It was then named Arnspiger Cemetery.  This donation was prompted by the death of George Arnspiger, age 20 years, 11 mo, 20 days.  He died on May 4, 1878.

In 1891, the name was changed to Forest Hills Cemetery."



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