Eden Cemetery

Eden Cemetery

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A big thanks to Louise Miles for all her hard work compiling the information on the Eden Cemetery.


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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Eden Cemetery, Eden Twnsp, R 4 W, T 30, Sec 15, NW 1/4.  Location from Milton 1 E, 1/2 N.

This cemetery was established about 1881.  It measures 284' X 310'.

Feb. 22, 1889, a Warranty Deed was given for $1 by Charles Golton, Sr. and wife, Charlotte, to D.J. Boward, George G. Mead, C.F. Russell, Levi Jarvis, and R.A. Huxtable, as Trustees of the Eden Church and Cemetery Association.  It was filed Aug 28, 1889.

In 1884, 3 of Charlie Golton's grandchildren died of diphtheria and were buried there within a few days of each other.  In 1889, it was opened to the public and has since been known as the Eden Cemetery.

Mr. Golton gave this cemetery to the public on the condition it would always be well-tended.

Melvin Simpson was the caretaker many years.  Later his son, Leland did the work and lost his life trying to straighten a very large stone which fell on him, killing him instantly.  It was several hours before his body was found"


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