Cox Family Cemetery

Cox Family Cemetery

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Cox Family Plot, Creek Twnsp, R 4 W, T31, Sec 15, SW corner of NW 1/4.  Location from Conway Springs: 2 1/2 S, 6 W.

This plot measures 30' X 36".  It is about 20" above the ground around it.  The fist landowners were Ephriam and Mariah Cox.  It is believed their daughter, Amanda Cox Boyd, who died April 3, 1906, and a small child were buried in this location.

Through the years, the farmers have respected this small plot by farming around it.

Oil and gas leases show this exception to be a cemetery.


In the matter of the estate of Ephriam G. Cox, deceased.

September 7, 1909: John H. Cox and Lyman M. Cox filed their duly verified petition in the above named court alleging that Ephriam g. Cox, late of Sumner County, Kansas, deceased, died August, 31, 1909, having made no last Will and Testament; that said deceased left personal property of the probable value of $2500, and the following heirs, to-wit:

Mariah Cox, his widow, aged 66 years;

John H. Cox, his son, aged 47 years;

Lyman M. Cox, his son, aged 37 years;

Annie M. Boatright, nee Cox, aged about 27, daughter;

Charles E. Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 21 years;

Edgar E. Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 17 years;

John T. Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 15 years;

James Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 12 years;

Cecil Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 6 years; and

Nellie Boyd, his grandchild, aged about 5 years; children of Amanda Boyd, nee Cox, who died on April 3, 1906"

Note:  There is an Amanda J. Boyd b. Jan. 28, 1867 and d. Apr. 3, 1906 listed in the Conway Springs Cemetery.  She shares a stone with  Thomas M. Boyd.  Also, there is an infant daughter (1890) of Amanda and Thomas Boyd.  Possibly the graves/stones have been moved or perhaps the stones were erected "In Memory of" and the bodies still lay at the farm"  Does anybody know????


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