Cesko Slovancky Hrbitov

Cesko Slovancky Hrbitov

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Cesko Slovancky Hrbitov, Caldwell Twnsp, R 3 W, T 34, sec 30, SE 1/4 of SE 1/4.  Location from Caldwell: 1/2 N, 4 W of Highway 49.

March 22, 1881, a cemetery association was formed in this Bohemian community.  A Warranty Deed was filed April 12, 1881, in the Register of Deeds Office, Sumner County, Kansas, by Louis Dusek and his wife, Anne, deeding this ground to the Bohemia Cemetery Association.

Commencing at a stone at the Southeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 34 South, Range 3 West of the  6 th Principal Meridian in Sumner County, Kansas, and running North 18 rods to a stone, then West 18 rods to a stone, then South 18 rods to a stone, then East 18 rods to the beginning.

Deed dated March 22, 1881 and recorded in Book 17, Page 79.


A warranty deed was filed on November 9, 1914, from J. R. Jenista and wife Lydia, in Register of Deeds Office in Sumner County, for the following real estate description, to-wit: 

A part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 34 South, Range 3 West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, and described as follows:

Beginning at a point 18 rods North of a stone at the Southeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 34 S, Range 3 West, thence North 9 rods, thence West 18 rods, thence South 9 rods, thence East 18 rods, to beginning, in Sumner County, Kansas.

Deed was dated November 7, 1914.

Recorded in Book 130, Page 281 of Book of Deeds.


GENERAL WARRANTY DEED, dated October 26, 1979, filed November 23, 1979 at 8 a.m., Book P-232, Page 158.

Elizabeth Hudson Ransom and Ray Ransom, wife and husband; Elizabeth Anne Ransom, also known as Elizabeth Ann Ransom, a single person, and Harriet Louise Lloyd, formerly Harriet Louise Ransom, and Russell B. Lloyd, wife and husband


Cesko Slovancky Cemetery Association, a Kansas corporation, formerly known as Bohemia Cemetery Association, a Kansas corporation

CONSIDERATION:     One Dollar and other valuable consideration

CONVEY AND WARRANT:  A tract of land beginning at  a point 18 rods West of the Southeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE/4) of Section Thirty (30), Township Thirty-four (34) South, Range Three (3) West of the 6th P.M., thence North 445.5 feet, thence West 130 feet, thence South 445.5 feet, thence East 130 feet to the point of beginning containing approximately 1.33 acres; however reserving and excepting unto Elizabeth Hudson Ransom for her lifetime and the remainder in equal shares unto Elizabeth Anne Ransom and Harriett Louise Lloyd, their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, all right, title and interest in and to all of the oil, gas and other minerals in and under and that may be produced from the above described real property; provided, however, that Elizabeth Hudson Ransom shall have the right to lease the above described real property for oil, gas and other minerals and to receive all bonuses, rentals, and royalty payment and all other income accruing therefrom without the necessity of obtaining the consent of Elizabeth Anne Ransom or Harriet Louise Lloyd, regardless of whether or not the term of any such lease extends beyond the lifetime of Elizabeth Hudson Ransom

RECITAL: Except easements, building restrictions, special assessments, encumbrances, and oil and gas leases of record.


Before this cemetery was established, some burials had been about a 1/2 mile to the north of the present site.  It is believed there were 5 graves in a plot north of the railroad.  After the present cemetery was established, these graves were then moved to this cemetery.

The oldest marker is that of Frankie Kugel, born Jan 20, 1878, and died July 26, 1880.

The picture (from the book) is of the Czech Pioneer Memorial.  A plaque at the base states the Avenue of Flags is in memory of the Rev. Dwain Jenista, May 1979.

A huge, beautiful marker stands with the names of the charter members of the Bohemia Cemetery Association of June 14, 1891.

On the south side the names are: Jozef Bures, Sr., Waclav Krenek, Jan Linek, Jozef Nekvinda, Josef Bruj, Josef Hnulik, Josef Melishar, Waclav Vrana, Franta Jelinek, Franta Jelinek (M L Jr.), Anton Albert, Waclav Haulicek, Anna Lebeda, Matej Soucek, Franta Kubik, Karel Kubik, Jiri Kubik

East side: Anton Kucera, Jozef Bures, Jozef Kralicek, Alois Dusek, Jan Bobek, Anton Wencel, Anton Cerny, Jan Urban, Josef Urban, Waclav Subera, Josef Skvor, Josef Balaban

Bottom on East side: Vojtech Subera, Jan Skorepa, Franta Lebeda, Franta Bobek;    ARKO SLOVANCKY HRBITOV, ESTABLISHED MARCH 22, 1881.

    The Czech Pioneers Memorial is a Bronze Plaque on which is a covered wagon pulled by oxen, with the following inscription: Dedicated by Caldwell Czech Chapter #1.

On marker reads: W.H. Stephens: W.H. Stephens, born March 7, 1849, Killed July 26, 1880 (NOTE:  This marker is also listed in the Boothill/Arnold/Old Caldwell cemetery.  Recent surveys do not indicate that this marker exists in the Cesko Slovancky Cemetery.  I believe that it is a misplacement of information in the Swan and Swan book)"

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