Avon Cemetery

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I visited this cemetery July 9, 1998. After looking very hard (the grass was 3 feet tall) I found 5 gravestones and one fragment of a stone. Harvey and Ruth Swan mention in their book (see below) about markers being moved to the fence row. I looked, and could not find any in the fence row (however the Swan's did visit 15 years ago). 

If you know of others buried in the Avon Cemetery, please e-mail the schgs at schgs@sutv.com

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  1. LaRoe, Delia. Dau of J.M. and M.E. LaRoe. Died October 8, 1888. Aged 12 Y, 8 M, 2 D
  2. Windsor, Clyde S. Son of F.H. and N.E. Windsor. Died June 23, 1888. Aged 4 Y, 1 M, 23 D. "Gone to be an angel"
  3. Coin, Robert E. Son of R.A. and Kesiah Coin. Died August 4, 1883. Aged 11 M 1 D
  4. Coin, Kesiah. Died April 23, 1883. Aged 29 Y, 3 M, 23 D. "My heart once heavy now at rest/My groans no more are heard/My race is run. My grave you see/Prepare for death and follow me"
  5. Randall, Anna. Died November 21, 1891. Infant daughter of J.B. and Ellen. "Sleep on sweet babe Anna take thy rest/God called thee home. He thought it/best.
  6. FRAGMENT--"….in the peaceful graves embrace/but thy memory will be cherished…."
  7. LeMasters, Martha A. Died March 22, 1884. Aged 18 Y 5 M 19 D (This stone was reported by Robert and Nancy Brady (A Directory of Tombstone Inscriptions of the small cemeteries in Sumner Co. Kansas 1989) Who surveyed this cemetery in 1989.   It is possible that this stone from 1989 and the above fragment are one in the same).

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The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan, 1989.

"Avon Cemetery, Avon Twnshp, R1E, T32, Sec 26, NW 1/4, of SW 1/4. Location from Dalton Corner 1W, 2 1/2 S.

There are now only 6 markers standing. They date from 1883 to 1891. Four are legible. They are Delia LaRoe, daughter of J.M. and M.E. LaRoe, died Oct 8, 1888; Clyde S., son of F.H. and N.E. Winsor, died June 23, 1888; Ana, daughter of J.B. and Ellen Randall, died Nov. 2, 1891; Kesiah, wife of R.A. Coin, died April 23, 1883.

Many other markers are in a hedge row and the area shows no care has been given it for many years. It has been abused by the farmers with their machinery.

Between 1870 and 1874, a Mr. and Mrs. Leemaster and 2 children were first buried on the bank of Slate Creek just southeast of where Robert Evans used to live North of old Mt. Carmel Church.

The Leemasters were uncle and aunt and cousins of Walter Bynum, Rt. 1, Council Grove, Kansas.

Note: I attempted to contact Walter Bynum of Council Grove and was unsuccessful.

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