Arnold/Boothill/Old Caldwell Cemetery

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The following is a list of people known to be buried in the Boothill/Arnold/Old Caldwell Cemetery:

  1. Stephens, W.H., born March 7, 1849, killed July 26, 1880.
  2. F.E.D. 1881
  3. G.J.
  4. Benedict, J.W., died Apr. 17, 1875, aged 52 yrs, 7 mo, 17 da
  5. Perenger, Sarah P., dau of James and Julia Benedict and wife of George Perenger. Born June 30, 1852, Died Feb. 15, 1878. Know I am a child of God and God will not forsake his own.
  6. Gordon, Jessie C., Born in Caldwell Oct. 14, 1877. Died May 1, 1878. Aged 7 mo 5 da. Gone to be an angel
  7. Smith, daughter #1. Daughter of Floyd and Anna Smith
  8. Smith, daughter #2. Daughter of Floyd and Anna Smith

Many of these stones are now located in Lee Perry Park, which is adjacent to the Caldwell City Cemetery.

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The following is taken from The Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"Old Caldwell Cemetery, also known as Boothill and Arnold Cemetery, Caldwell Twnsp, R3W, T34, Sec 36, believed to have been in the SW1/4 of NW1/4. It was established about 1880 {I BELIEVE THIS DATE TO BE INCORRECT--CINDY BALL}. Location from Caldwell: 1/2N of Highway 81 at east edge of city.

The plat was filed Feb. 9, 1884. Description was as follows: (a chain is 66') Beginning at a point 17.10 chains north of 1/4 section corner on west line of sec 36, then running east 9.50 chains, then south 5 chains, then west 2.05 chains, then north 4.70 chains, then west 7.45 chains, to the section line, then north on said section line .30 chains to point of beginning. It contained 1.25 acres

This cemetery was later moved to the present Caldwell City Cemetery.

Many of the markers were destroyed or used for other purposes.

Five of the markers are in the protective custody of Harry Jenista.

This portion copied from records of Caldwell City Clerk.


This motion is recorded in the minutes of the City Council in a meeting held May 20th, 1884. "On motion of councilman Beeson that the City appropriate the sum of One hundred Dollars to purchase the old burial ground of A. Arnold in Caldwell Township". Carried unanimously.

Redorded in Book 31, page 169 in the Register of Deeds office in Wellington found a record of a deed made by P.W. Arnold and Emeline Arnold, his wife, dated May 26th 1884, the amount being paid $100.00. The description is, "Beginning at a point 17 and 10/100 chains North of Quarter section corner on West line of section 36, T34, R3W, thence East 9 and 5-/100 chains, thence South 5 chains, thence West 2.05 chains, thence North 4.70 chains, thence West 1.45 chains, thence North on said section line 30/100 chains to the place of beginning, containing 1.25 acres as nears as maybe, according to a survey made by Tell W. Walton Feby 9, 1884. Said land is conveyed to said City of Caldwell for the purpose of a cemetery.


There is an error in the above figures, as the east-west do not agree.


1/18/1945--On examination in the Register of Deeds office, we find the deed book 2.05 and 1.45 chains West, but the plat book says 2.05 and 7.45 chains West, which evidently is correct, and the deed book incorrect.


On May 18, 1942, C.V. King, City Clerk, and E.A. Detrick, member of the Cemetery Committee, visited the old Arnold Cemetery, then surrounded by growing wheat, and found these monuments thereon, all lying down.

One, a marble shaft was carved, W.H. Stephens Born March 7, 1849, Killed July 26, 1880.

One, a slab of native stone with F E D 1881 still legible, and

One, a small marble slab with only GJ carved on it.

One, a marble slab carved J.W. Benedict Died Apr 17, 1875 aged 52 yrs, 7 Mo, 17 Da

One, a marble slab carved Sarah P., Dau of James and Julia Benedict and wife of George Perenger, Born June 30, 1852, Died Feb 16, 1878. Know I am a child of God and God will not forsake his own.

One, a marble slab carved Jessie D. Gordon, Born in Caldwell, Oct. 14, 1877, Died May 1, 1878, Aged 7 M 5 D. Gone to be an angel

The size of the unplowed not fenced plot at this time is about 175 feet N&S and about 100 feet E&W and the narrow connection neck is in wheat. Evidently the farming has encroached on the cemetery plot.

The city is still the owner of this (Arnold ) Cemetery, though evidently is has not been used for burials since 1881.

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