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Penwell Gabel Cemetery & Mausoleum



Reno Township

Section / Township / Range: 18-23-6

The cemetery is located at 5905 W 4th Avenue, Hutchinson, KS 67501

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 Acacia A  Lake
 Acacia B  Lawn Crypts [Hillcrest]
 Acacia C  Mausoleum
 Apostles Mausoleum, Garden of  Memorial
 Babyland  Petland
 Cremation Garden  Poplar
 Cross Garden  Prayer, Garden of
 Devotion  Roselawn
 Eastlawn  St. Teresa

Interments 1925 - 2006
These records include the name, burial date, section, lot & space
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1978 Survey
These records include the name, birth date, death date

Indexed by: Melody Morgan & Gale Wall

Photographed by: Gale Wall