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Eastside Cemetery which include plot numbers and plot maps is currenty being maintained

Cemetery Book Project Volunteers

The 1978 surveys are from our 1980 publication "Cemetery Records of Reno County, Kansas 1865 - 1978". This book was retyped by the following volunteers: Debby Brown, Sally Eubanks, Annetta Hoffman, Freda Lea, Darren McMannis, Melody Morgan, Robert Richardson & Gale Wall.

Cemeteries of Reno County

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Partially photographed cemeteries are not online at this time.
Cemetery Photos 1 - provided by Gale Wall.
Lonestar photos shared by Ken Graber.
Please respect the copyright of contributors.

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Cemetery Name Photo Status Township
 Abbyville Cemetery  Westminster
 Amish Cemetery  C  Center
 Antioch Cemetery  C  Sumner
 Arlington Cemetery  Arlington
 Bainum Cemetery  C  Langdon
 Baker Cemetery  C  Troy
 Buhler East Cemetery  C  Little River
 Buhler Municipal Cemetery  Little River
 Eastside Cemetery  Clay
 Fairlawn Burial Park   Clay
 Fairview Cemetery - Albion  C  Albion
 Fairview Cemetery - Elmer  C  Yoder
 Fairview Methodist Cemetery  C  Enterprise
 Glendale Cemetery  C  Grove
 Haven Cemetery  C  Haven
 Hayes Township Cemetery  C  Hayes
 Hazen Cemetery  C  Plevna
 Langdon Cemetery  Langdon
 Laurel Cemetery  Yoder
 Lerado Cemetery  Bell
 Little River Township Cemetery  C  Little River
 Lone Star Cemetery  Album 1  Album 2  Albion
 Lutheran Cemetery  C  Huntsville
 Maranatha Cemetery  C  Reno
 Mitchell Cemetery  C  Grant
 Old Langdon Cemetery  C  Langdon
 Partridge Cemetery  Center
 Peace Bethel Cemetery  C  Enterprise
 Peace Creek Cem [Stafford Co]  Hayes [church]
 Peace Valley Cemetery  C  Walnut
 Penwell Gabel  Cemetery & Mausoleum   Reno
 Plainview Amish Cemetery  C  Lincoln
 Pleasant Hill Cem - Loda  C  Loda
 Pleasant Hill Cem - Ninnescah  C  Ninnescah
 Pleasant View Cem - Darlow  Lincoln
 Pleasant View Cem - Huntsville  C  Huntsville
 Plevna Cemetery    C  Plevna
 Pretty Prairie Mennonite Cemetery    Albion
 Reformatory Cemetery  C  Clay
 Salem Cemetery  C  Salt Creek
 Schooley Cemetery  C  Roscoe
 Sego Cemetery  Loda
 St. Agnes Catholic Cemetery    C  Castleton
 St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery  Sumner
 St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery  Haven
 Sterling Mennonite Cemetery  C  Walnut
 Sylvia Cemetery  Sylvia
 Thiessen Old Cemetery  C  Little River
 Turon Cemetery  Miami
 Valley Township Cemetery  C  Valley
 Westminster Old Cemetery  C  Westminster
 Wildmead Cemetery  Grant
 Yoder Amish Cemetery  C  Yoder
 Yoder Mennonite Cemetery  C  Yoder