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There are several buildings located on Main Street in Parker, Kansas, that are owned by the Parker Community Historical Society. These buildings are handicap accessible. The new sidewalks and a new handicap ramp in front of the Main building were completed in 2009.

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The Parker Museum #1 building, located at 211 W. Main, was the first building purchased by the Parker Community Historical Society. This building houses many of the larger early items in the museum collection. museum2 (85K)

The Parker Museum main building, Museum #2, located at 209 W. Main, houses some of the smaller items of the museum's collection. This collection includes over 500 laminated pages of the Parker Message newspaper. The Museum Store is also located in the main building.museum2 (121K)

A former blacksmith shop, west of the main building houses some of the larger items in the collection.BlackSmith Shop (132k)

A one-room country school house has been moved to a site east of the main building and restored to it's original condition.oneroomschool (140K)

Museum Hours.

The museum is open Parker Day, the day of the PRHS Alumni Banquet (fourth Saturday of April), special Parker event days, and other days that the officers and staff are available.

All of our officers and staff are volunteers, and if you are planning a visit to Parker, you should call one of the officers to find out when the museum is open.
Marilyn Rhoades 913-898-6891 Louise Stites 913-898-6991

Work Days are the First Tuesday of each month, except December, 9-11 a.m.
And the Third Tuesday of each month, except December, 5-7 p.m.

Monthly Meeting is the third Tuesday of each month, except in December. at 7:00pm.

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