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Osage County Military
Women's Relief Corps, #146, Lyndon
History and Roster, 1897

The Corps was organized Feb. 2, 1887, and Mrs. Etta Howe installed the first president.

Ninety-five women have been connected with the order in the ten years of its existence, forty-six of which are now connected with the Corps. Two have died, many removed and some dropped out.

Mrs. Margeret Arnold Mrs. Amanda Downs
Mrs. Sophia Barnes Mrs. Sarah E. Drew
Mrs. Elizabeth Buck Mrs. Ella Duty
Mrs. Francis Beasley Mrs. Nora. M. Downer
Miss Lulu Barnes Mrs. Laura Dorman
Mrs. Mary Bodenhammer Mrs. Susan Danhauer
Mrs Ellen Collins Miss Mary A. Green
Mrs. Mary Cotterman Mrs. Martha Greene
Mrs. Josie E. Cowan Mrs. Emma Green
Mrs Maggie F. Chittenden Mrs Sarah F. Gray
Miss Agnes Childs Mrs. Annie Green
Miss Lennie Grine-Deceased Mrs. Kate A. Ringhisen
Mrs. Nancy Fuller Mrs. Emma Reed
Mrs. Lucy M. Foster Mrs. Vera Rogers
Mrs. Emma Frankhouser Miss Birdie Rogers
Mrs. Etta Howe Mrs. Lorinda C. Rand
Mrs. Martha T. Hollingsworth Mrs. Lurenda B. Smith
Mrs. Kate M. Holland Mrs. Margaret L. Sowell
Mrs. Emma Heston Mrs. Eiiza J. Simmons
Mrs. Hattie Heston Mrs. Mary A. Sloniker
Mrs. Emalira Hawkins Miss Hattie B. Sweezey
Mrs. Sarah A. Hoover-Deceased Mrs. Melinda Sweezey
Mrs. Dicie Hollingsworth Mrs. A. M. Sanderson
Mrs. Sarah E. Hussey Mrs. Eliza Starkey
Mrs. Sarah C. Hunt Miss Jane Sanderson
Mrs. Mary Hand Mrs. Ada Smith
Mrs. Emma E. Holloway Mrs. Parmelia L. Tyler
Mrs. Mary HastingsMrs. Carrie Trumbull
Mrs. Josie Hunting Mrs. Margaret E. Taylor
Mrs. Angie Huffman Mrs. Annie Tomberlin
Mrs. Johanna M. Hanson Mrs. Lucy Uber
Mrs. Lizzie A. Keenan Mrs. Clara Wilson
Mrs. Olive A. Leffler Mrs. Maggie Williamson
Miss Mary Leffler Mrs. Mary I. Willett
Mrs. J. W. Lord Mrs. Annie Widney
Mrs. Sarah McMillen Mrs. Millie Weber
Mrs. Alice Melick Miss Viola Wynne
Mrs. Heltie E. Madaris Mrs. Sarah Watson
Mrs. Lucy Manrose Mrs R. M. Wilson
Mrs. Mary M. McMillen Mrs. Mattie F. Wheeler
Mrs. Mollie Newell Mrs. E. Woodall
Mrs. Anna OlcottMrs. Carrie M. Whitman
Mrs. Lorrie W. Olcott Mrs. Minnie E. Whittemore
Mrs. Ella Pleasant Mrs. Miranda J. Wire
Mrs. Kate Pleasant Mrs. N. J. Wire
Mrs. Lucy Potts Mrs. Mary A. Wire
Mrs. Emma D. Ransom Mrs. Elanore Woodward

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