Norton County Cemetery Locations

Norton County Cemetery Locations

T 1 S, R 25 W Crystal Township

Railsback - near SE corner Sec 9

Deal & Watton  aka Butler - SE corner, SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 18

Wray aka Long Branch - NW corner Sec 28

T 1 S, R 24 W
Rock Branch Township

Devizes Cemetery
- SW corner, SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 7

Union Church Cemetery - 
SE corner, S 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 10

T 1 S, R 23 W Aldine Township

abandoned Hellyer graves - 
SW 1/4, Sec 23
T 1 S, R 22 W Harrison Township

Sheley Cemetery - SE corner, NE 1/4 Sec 29
T 1 S, R 21 W  Almena Township

Fairview Cemetery - SE 1/4, Sec 4

Carlson Tellesen Cemetery
SE corner, Sec 30

T 2 S, R 25 W Rockwell Township

Maple Grove Cemetery - 
SE corner Sec 12

Norcatur Cemetery - Sec 30

City of Norcatur - in Decatur County

T 2 S, R 24 W Garfield Township

Lutheran Church Cemetery
SE corner Sec 16

T 2 S, R 23 W Center Township

Norton Cemetery - NW 1/4 Sec 35

City of Norton

T 2 S, R 22 W Emmett Township

Mt. Hope Cemetery (Almena) -
NE corner Sec 13

Bieber aka Calvert Cemetery - 
NW 1/4 Sec 25

T 2 S, R 21 W 
equally divided between Almena and Grant Townships

Farmingdale Cemetery
SE corner Sec 1

City of Almena
T 3 S, R 25 W Clayton Township

Clayton Cemetery is in Decatur County, Sec 25, T 3 S, R 25 W
T 3 S, R 24 W 
Leoti Township

Oronoque Cemetery  - NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 15

City of Oronoque

Leoti (Cope) Cemetery - 
NE corner Sec 19

T 3 S, R 23 W Orange Township

no cemeteries identified

T 3 S, R 22 W 
Belle Plaine Township

no cemeteries identified
T 3 S, R 21 W Grant Township

Zellmer Cemetery - NW corner, SW 1/4 Sec 1

Mt. Olive Cemetery - SE corner, SE 1/4 Sec 15

T 4 S, R 25 W Noble Township

City of Clayton

Gettis aka Gettys 1880 Cemetery
NW corner Sec 27

T 4 S, R 24 W Highland Township

Prairie Gem Cemetery
NE corner Sec 13
T 4 S, R 23 W 
belongs to Orange, Modell and Solomon Townships.

Mt. Pleasant United Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery - SE corner Sec 33 - no longer exists
T 4 S, R 22 W 
Sand Creek Township

no cemeteries identified
T 4 S, R 21 W Lincoln Township

no cemeteries identified
T 5 S, R 25 W Almelo Township

St. Joseph Cemetery - near SE corner Sec 22

City of New Almelo

T 5 S, R 24 W Lenora Township

Lenora East aka Hendricks - SE corner NW 1/4 Sec 23

Lenora South - NE corner NE 1/4 Sec 27

City of Lenora

T 5 S, R 23 W Modell Township

Modell Cemetery - NE corner Sec 14
T 5 S, R 22 W Solomon Township

abandoned Button grave - S 1/2 Sec 11
on private property

Edmond Cemetery - NW corner, NE 1/4 Sec 8

City of Edmond

T 5 S, R 21 W 
West Union Township

Calvary aka St. Mary's Cemetery - NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 6

Densmore  - NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 6

City of Densmore

West Union aka Archer Cemetery - NE 1/4 Sec 9  

Cemeteries we have seen referenced in obituaries or newspaper articles, which either are (1) an alternate name for an existing cemetery, or (2) have ceased to exist, or (3) were referred to in error :  

Birkville - probably the same as Mt. Olive Cemetery
- probably the same as Mt. Olive Cemetery.  The land was owned by Marion Hays.
- perhaps one of the Lenora cemeteries?
Spring Green
-  in Furnas County, Nebraska.  

If you have any information on these cemeteries, please let me know.  Ardie

* Note:  Township lines on the map above are drawn "on the squares", and may not reflect exactly the civil township boundaries.

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