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Norton County Directories
1912 Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Co., Chicago

ALMENA. Population, 702 (U. S. census 1910). Incorporated city on the Burlington Route and C., R. I. & P. Ry, and on Prairie Dog Creek, a water-power stream, in Norton county, 11 miles n. e. of Norton, the county seat. Is surrounded by the greatest corn raising, alfalfa producing, sheep and cattle feeding section in Kansas. Has 4 churches, 2 banks, an opera house, 2 hotels and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams and U. S. Mrs. Jeannie Reed, postmaster.

Almena Mercantile Co, Wm E Malcomb pres, Annie Malcomb sec, Verne Dyatt treas.
Almena Plaindealer, Thomas F Ashby publr.
Almena State Bank (Capital $20,000),
Andrew Bennie pres, Charles V Shields cashr.
Ashby Thomas F, publr Plaindealer.
Ballard John W, stone quarry.
Barber Charles H, vet surgeon.
Barnett Samuel L, grocer.
Bennie Andrew, physician.
Case Sydney M, real estate.
Central Graineries Co, E H Powell agt, grain.
Commercial Hotel, John R Eaden prop
Drotts Charles C, hardware.
Eaden John R, propr Commercial Hotel.
Elgin Wm W, dentist.
First National Bank (capital $50,000), Andrew Dyatt pres, Leonard Lovejoy cashr.
Fisher Bert R, general store.
Fitzgerald Clarence H, restaurant.

CALVERT. Population, 30. On the Burlington Route and the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Emmett township, Norton County, 7 miles northwest of Norton, the county seat, and 4 from Almena, the nearest banking point. Exp., Adams and U.S. L. E. Bieber, postmaster.

Packe August, lumber.
Phillipsburg Mill & Elevator Co, grain.

CLAYTON. CLAYTON. Population, 275. On the C., R. I. & P. By, in Noble township, Norton county, 18 miles s. w. of Norton, the county seat. Has a bank and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. C. E. Whistler, postmaster.

Braidt & Bracken, grain.
Chicago Lumber & Coal Co, O P Ecord mngr.
Clayton Vidette, J B Shiley publr.
Eakln Mercantile Co, general store.
Kelley & Co, hardware.
Kirk I N, live stock.
Rule John E, live stock.
STATE BANK OF CLAYTON (Capital $10,000), J R Brooks Pres, Geo V Hixon Cashier.
Warner A E, general store.

DELLVALE. Population, 40. On the C., R. I. & P. Ry., and on Prairie Dog creek, in Leota township, Norton County, 9 miles southwest of Norton, the county seat and banking point. Tel., W.U. Exp., U.S. A. E. Maxwell, postmaster.
Gribb-Hamacher Grain Co. Love C C, feed mill. Maxwell A E, general store, grain and coal. Paxton Samuel, hotel and livery.

DENSMORE. Population 150. On the M. P. Ry., and on the Solomon River, in West Union township, Norton County, 21 miles southeast of Norton, the county seat. Has Catholic and Free Methodist churches and a bank. E. W. Mann, postmaster.

Archer A J, grocer.
Bailey J L & Son, hotel and livery.
Baker-Crowell Grain Co.
Cain Brunt, creamery.
Farmers' State Bank (cap $15,000), M H Sinclair, pres, M Mullen, chashier.
Graham J F, live stock.
Home Lumber and Coal Co, G J Archer mngr.
Houchin W, meats and creamery.
Keolker J H, harness.
Mann Merchantile Co, general store, real estate and insurance.
Nye Wm, flour mill.
Stepper George, hardware.

DEVIZES. A country postoffice in Norton County, 20 miles northwest of Norton, the county seat, and 11 from Wilsonville, Nebr., the nearest banking and shipping point. Mail daily. Ira E. Jenkins, postmaster and general store.

EDMOND. Population, 210. In Solomon township, Norton county, on the M. P. Ry., 18 miles s. e. of Norton, the county seat. Has Christian and United Brethren churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. Louis Dean, postmaster.

Baker-Crole Co, E Greenstreet mgr, grain elevator.
Basham Louis E, propr Hotel Edmond.
Chicago Lumber & Coal Co, Guy Carhill mgr, lumber and coal.
Coleman E F, real estate.
Coleman & Edmond Hdw & Furn Co, (Elias F Coleman, John B Wray), implements and buggies.
Continental Creamery Co, W A Bean manager.
Coursely Henry M, hardware.
Edmond Hotel, L E Basham propr.
Edmond New Leaf, W J Wills publr.
Farmers’ & Merchants’ Telephone Co. Mrs Rebecca T Beck mgr.
Feldhousen Benjamin F, genl store.
First National Bank (capital $26,000, surplus $2,6000), Seywood Larrick pres, E Nelson cashier.
Gudgell Charles, live stock.
Hotel Edmond, Louis E Basham propr.
Jaquiss George M Dr, drugs.
King G T, grocer.
Long Joseph H, flour and feed.
Personett Bros (Allie and Archer), meats.
Pickering Bros (Silas and Walter), general repair shop.
Shay John L, implements.
Stickney Grace, general store.
Vokel George P, produce.
Walker & Son (L O and C T Walker), livery.
Weatherly Grace Mrs, restaurant.
Wills W J, publr New Leaf.
Woodward Mercantile Co, Charles
Woodward mgr, general store.

LENORA. Population, 454 (U. S. Census 1910). On the M. P. Ry. and on the North Fork of Solomon river in Norton county, 20 miles s. of Norton, the county seat. Has 2 banks, an opera house seating 800, 2 hotels and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. E. J. Muzzy, postmaster.

Baker, Crowell Grain Co, Woodie L Turner agent.
Barbo Joseph, general store.
Booth Beri, general store and jewelry.
Breeden Albert L, drugs.
Brumage & Vanpelt (J Brumage, Geo Vanpelt), drugs.
Burrell Wm, drayage.
Cole David Creamery Co (Wm Sewell mngr).
Commercial Hotel, Charles N Elliott propr.
Continental Creamery Co, Clarence Butler mngr.
Cutting Wm, furniture and undertaker.
Decker J N, Herbert Braynard mngr, grain elevators.
Du Boise Fannie, bakery.
Eperson John 0, well borer.
Exchange Bank of Lenora (capital $60,000), F R Egee pres, S Larrick cashr.
Farmers’ State Bank (capital $16,000), Wm Cutting pres, Barney Fallon cashr.
Graham J C, restaurant.
Hollenshead Pearl S, dentist.
Jacobs Remus E, men's furnishings.
Knapp Charles G, livery.
Lenora Commercial Club, E E Jeter sec-treas.
Lenora Cornet Band, Virgil Barbo leader.
Lenora Hardware Co (Freeman R Egee), hardware.
Lenora Land and Loan Co, Edward E Jeter mgr.
Lenora Lumber Co, Joseph D Larrick mgr, lumber and coal.
Lenora News, Edward E Jeter publr.
Lenora Opera House, Edward J Muzzy mgr.
Lenora Produce Co, Ralph A Krans mgr.
Lenora Telephone Co, Ella R Painter mgr.
Muzzy & Son (Elwood and Clyde), auto garage and livery.
Nauman Mrs Leah, milliner.
Organ Frank, grocer and meats.
Register & Elliott (Otis L Register, Oscar M Elliott), real estate.
Scott Harry E, hardware.
Shurtz James, live stock dealer.
Smith Orrin P, physician.
Sperry Frank W, restaurant.
Stuenkel Wm A, general store.
Tillotson Hubert R, lawyer.
Turner Wesley D, notions.
Turner Wm D, live stock dealer.
Union Lumber Co, Wm B Larrick mgr.
Valley Hotel, Mrs M J Johnson propr.

NORTON. Population, 1,787 (U. S. Census 1910). County seat of Norton county, is located on Prairie Dog creek, and on the C., B. & Q. and C., R. I. & P. Rys. (depots 1/4 mile apart), 293 miles n. w. of Atchison. It dates its settlement from 1872, and is surrounded by a rich farming and stock raising section and has churches of the Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Brethren and Wesleyan Methodist denominations, excellent schools, including the county high school, opera house, water works, are department, electric light plant, 2 banks, 2 telephone exchanges and 4 newspapers. Tel., W.U. Exp., Adams and U.S. F. S. Hazelton, postmaster.

Aldrich Wm R, dentist.
Auditorium Co The, M F Garrity pres and mngr, L H Thompson sec, C M Sawyer treas, proprs Auditorium.
Auditorium The, Auditorium Co proprs.
Bennett Edward L, tinner.
Boddy Frank W, live stock.
Boddy & Sons (Frank and Fred), proprs Norton Dairy.
Bolt Drug Co, H A Bolt mngr.
Bower C E & Co (Claude E and Wm J ), grocers and meats.
Bower Jay L, notions.
Bower W J & Son (Wm J and Adelmar), furniture and hardware.
Bowers’ Tavern, J E Erwin mngr.
BROQUET PAUL, Mngr Broquet Loan & Investment Agency.
Browne Frank, insurance.
Browne J H & Co (John H Browne), clothing.
Bunker B S. drayage.
Burgess Isaac, vet surgeon.
Burton Thomas, live stock.
C., B. & Q. Ry, Emory S Davidson agt.
Campbell Chas W, cashr First National Bank and notary.
Cary Optical Co (Mique Grace, Edwin R Cary).
Central State Telephone Co, C D McWilliams mngr.
Chappell Wm H, real est and ins.
CHICAGO LUMBER & COAL CO, A J Johnson Mngr. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Coal and Building Supplies.
Close David, live stock.
Cole Charles W, physician.
Cole David Creamery Co (Omaha),
W L Trobee mngr.
Coler Perry, publr Norton County News.
Continental Creamery Co, Barney Hinsdell mngr.
Conway John, publr Norton Champion.
Craige Earle C, garage.
Daily Telegram, Nick Garland propr.
Dey Harlan A, livery.
Duvall Frederick M, publr Norton Courier.
East Side Livery, Feed & Sale Stable, B P Fleming propr.
Elrod Robert C, dry goods.
Fairmont Creamery Co, J A Bowman mngr.
Fairness Clothing Co, G B Seeley pres, H W Wallace sec and treas.
FARMERS’ MILLING G. ELEVATOR CO, Godfrey Hulshizer Pres, Roy T Hulshizer Sec-Treas, Millers of High-Grade Flours. Our Leaders, “Perfection” and “Crown.”
Farmers’ & Merchants’ Telephone Co, E V Peterson mngr.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK (Capital $75,000, Surplus and Undivided Profits $25,000), Charles M Sawyer Pres, Charles W Campbell Cashr.
First State Bank (cap $25,000), Wm H Marsh, pres; John E Gleason cashier.
Fisher Wiley D, restaurant.
FLEMING BRUCE P, Propr East Side Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Bus and Transfer, Special Attention to Commercial Trade.
FOSTER LUMBER CO, O L Griffin Mngr, Lumber, Coal, Sash, Doors, Blinds and All Kinds of Building Material.
Fulcrut Frank C, dry goods.
Garland Nick, propr Daily Telegram.
Garrison George W, propr Iowa House.
Gay Miss Minnie, milliner.
Goodreau Nicholas, tailor.
Graves Harvey E, grocer.
Gray Lee L, restaurant.
Gray Wm J, real estate and ins.
Griffin O L, mngr Foster Lumber Co.
Guthrie G G, real estate.
Hamilton Dwight G, drugs.
Hamilton John B, lawyer.
Harmonson B W Mercantile Co, B W
Harmonson pres, Nellie Harmonson sec and treas.
Harned Wm H, livery.
Haworth Ami S, physician.
Hazelton Fred S. postmaster.
Heston Jester M, tailor.
Hedgecock J S, real estate.
Hemphill Robert W, county attorney.
Hershiser O D, poultry breeder, 5 miles s.
Hinsdell Barney, produce.
Houghten Wilfred, tailor.
Huddle Louis G, repairer.
Iowa House, George W Garrison propr.
Johnson A J, Mngr Chicago Lumber & Coal Co.
Johnson Grain & Coal Co, N L Johnson mngr.
Johnson Harry A, notary.
Johnson Norman A, marble works.
Norton Steam Laundry.
Kennedy John F Mrs, milliner.
Kenny Wm E, sec hd goods.
King John H Mrs, propr Wayside Inn.
Koory Shickrey B, physician.
Lathrop Wm C, physician.
Lease Implement Co, M B Lease propr, farm implts.
Lockard James H, produce.
Lyons Everett A, dentist.
McCarty & Keating (Daniel McCarty, Peter Keating), threshers.
Marsh Alfred S, jeweler.
Marsh Wm H, farm implts.
Matthes Henry, thresher.
Matthews Grocery Co (Charles and Harvey Matthews).
Milz Henry J, hardware.
Norton Agricultural Assn, B V Wheeler pres, M F Gerrity sec, C M Sawyer treas.
Norton Auto Co. McNeilley & Son proprs.
Norton Bottling Works, Thomas M Heaton mngr.
Norton Champion (weekly), J W Conway publr.
Norton City Water Works, J P Ward supt.
Norton Club, L H Thompson pres, J J Recht sec and treas.
Norton Cottage Hospital, Miss Edna R Huff supt.
Norton County News, Perry Coler publr.
Norton Courier (weekly), F M Duvall publr.
Norton Dairy, Boddy & Sons proprs.
Norton Land Co (Wm H Hollenshead)
Norton Light, Ice and Cold Storage Co, W H Marsh pres, H B Marsh sec and treas.
NORTON MANUFACTURING CO (C A, H H and George Robben), Mnfrs and Repairers of Hay Tools.
NORTON MERCANTILE CO, F E Kennedy Pres, M F Garrity Vice-Pres, E P Mansfield Sec, Frank Ward Treas, Dry Goods, Clothing, etc.
NORTON STEAM LAUNDRY, Chas E Kennedy Propr, Only First-Class Work, Orders from Out of Town Receive Prompt Attention.
Page Cornelius G, live stock.
Palmer J E & Son (James E and Harry M), coal.
Payton C H, auctioneer.
POE HENRY M (Established 26 Years), Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracter and Notary Public.
Potter Ethel M, millinery and ladies' goods.
Reed Charles E, photographer.
Schwarz Ernest, lumber.
Scott James M, furniture.
Shaefer Peter, live stock.
SHIFFLETT DR CLARENCE E, Osteopathic Physician.
Simmons T Willard, lawyer.
Snyder & Bailey (Phillip T Snyder, John M Bailey), mens furnishings.
Snyder & Son (John and John J), cigar mnfrs.
Sperry Edna R, abstracter.
Standard Oil Co, Dode Williams agt.
Star Bottling Works, O B Walker mngr.
Strickler John T, physician.
Strohwig Fred L, druggist.
Teaford Samuel, apiarist, 6 miles n e.
Thompson Lafayette H, lawyer.
Tucker Edwin M, restaurant.
Vining James W, apiarist.
Vining & Recht (James W Vining, John J Recht), jewelers.
Wagner Robert A, agril implts.
Waters Edward E, well borer.
Wayside Inn The, Mrs John H King propr.
Weikert Wm M, insurance.
Weikert W M Mrs, photographer.
Wesley Rolland D, dentist.
WILDER LEDRA H, Attorney-at-Law.
Wyatt & Gentry (Roy Wyatt, O Gentry), threshers.

ORONOQUE. Population, 100. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Leota township, Norton County, 10 miles west of Norton, the seat of justice and banking point. Exp., Adams. J. O. Cope, postmaster.

Central Grain Co.
Cope J O, general store.
Davis M A, livery.
Emahizer W E, general store.
Fowler Lumber Co.
LaRue Carl, hardware.

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