Doctors of Norton County

Doctors of Norton County, Kansas

researched by Walta Russ

Dr. Ray M. Tinney     1/22/1875 - 11/24/1928

Dr. Grace Greenwood Tinney    1/20/1877 - 12/19/1933

Dr. Ray Tinney was born in Topeka, January 22, 1875 and passed away November 24, 1928. His father was J. M. Tinney, a marble cutter at Kirwin,  Kansas and he taught Ray to be a cutter also.

It was at Kirwin, that Ray and Grace Greenwood met. Grace was born at Pueblo, Colorado on July 20, 1877.   Her parents were Frank and Ellen Greenwood. They moved to Seneca, Kansas where Grace attended grade school, but she went to Chicago for high school. Then she began work in her father’s drug store at Seneca , where she began the study of pharmacy, she took the state pharmacy test in 1896 at age 19 and her grade was the highest ever made in the state up to that time. She worked in many towns and finally went to Kirwin, where she met Ray Tinney and they were married February 5, 1899. About a year later they both enrolled in medical colleges, Grace finished in three years, because of her pharmacy training and Ray graduated one year later. The young couple purchased the Moulton drug store at Kirwin , practiced medicine and operated the drug store, until 1912 when they moved to Norton.

Dr . Ray Tinney, financed the medical course of his brother Charles, who is a specialists in the cure of cancer, a malady to which the Norton physician fell a victim. After Dr. Charles graduated is when Ray and Grace entered medical school.

During the World War I, Dr. Ray served in the medical corps, stationed during his entire term at Camp Pike, Arkansas. His rank was first lieutenant, but upon his discharge he was commissioned a captain. He was buried in his uniform. They were both laid to rest in the Norton Cemetery.

Both Dr. Ray and Dr. Grace devoted much time to the American Legion and American Auxiliary, both holding offices. 

Dr. Ray Tinney was survived by his wife and daughter Ellen Tinney.  Mrs. Tinney will maintain the office here which is to be moved from the Golden Variety Store building , where they have been since coming to Norton, to a fine new suite above the Stapleton drug store.

Dr. Grace Tinney was a victim of a stroke. She passed away December 19, 1933. her body will lie in state at her home at 103 West Wilton with services at the Tinney Memorial American Legion building.  Survivors are her daughter, Mrs. George Mattison and husband of Los Angeles; a niece Miss. Elinor Chars and a sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. Will Charls of Kirwin.


Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929:
Tinney, Ray Marshall
Cause Carcinoma stomach—Death, Nov. 24 1928, Norton—Birth, Jan. 22, 1875, Topeka
Type of practice—Allopath—State and year, Kansas 1904—Places, Kirwin 1904-Norton Sept. 27, 1912.
School, Kansas City Medical College, College of Physicians and Surgeons 1903 (G)
Other education-High School, Washburn College, Topeka, KS

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