Kansas History and Heritage Project- McPherson County Directories

McPherson County Directories
Polk's 1894 Kansas Gazetteer and Business Directory

ALPHA, a country postoffice in McPherson county, 18 miles southwest of McPherson, the county seat, and 7 south of Windom, its shipping and banking point. James A. Birch, postmaster and farmer.

BATTLE HILL, a postoffice on Gypsum creek, in McPherson county, 22 miles northeast of McPherson, the county seat, and 11 north of Canton, its shipping point. Nancy L. Hilliker, postmaster.

Robinson, George A, live stock

CANTON, an incorporated city, on the C. K & A.. T. & S. F. R. Rs., in Canton township, McPherson county, 13 miles east of McPherson, the judicial seat, and 206 from Kansas City. Has 2 churches, graded school, bank and a weekly newspaper. Population. 500. Exp, U. S. and W. F., & Co. Frederick Salter, postmaster.

Bank of Canton, W O Gray Pres, W T Gray Cash.
Brubaker A D, physician.
Boyts J A, propr Clinton Hotel.
Bush J W, creamery.
Canton Co-operative Stock Co General Store.
Chapin & Wickham, grocers.
Clemm Eugene, general store.
Clinton Hotel, G A Boyts propr.
Commercial Hotel, J W Edwards propr.
Davis A C & Co, grain.
Day John H, druggist.
Drake A S, justice of peace.
Drake & Thompson, hardware.
Edwards J W, propr Commercial Hotel.
Ehman David, carpenter.
Eldred Wm, confectioner.
Grant Winnie, lumber.
Gray & Johnson, Live Stock.
Hedinger Charles, physician.
Jones E, barber.
Kalb J C, physician.
Keith Dr, dentist.
Kerby Benjamin S, blacksmith.
Kile Frank A, grain.
Lindeberger & Son (Charles and Rufus A), grocers.
McGill J S, real estate.
Mace Chester, grocer.
Merrill Bert, publr The Republican.
Morden J L, harnessmaker.
Nell H M, harnessmaker.
Oldfield Amos, livery.
Posten Rev J C (Methodist).
Price W H, Livery.
Republican The, Bert Merrill publr.
Rice L E, coal.
Russell Charles H, general store.
Schlicht A, blacksmith.
Silverthorn J M, agt A, T & S Fe R R,Wells, Fargo & Co Exp and W U Tel Co.
Sloofe Jacob, blacksmith.
Turpin C J, agt C, R I & PR R and U S Exp Co.
United States Exp Co, C J Turpin agt.
Young Thomas, hardware.
Welch John, grain.
Wells, Fargo Co's Express, J M Silverthorn agt.
White Samuel, coal.
Woodward Rev (Methodist).
Wright W H H, shoemaker.

CONWAY, in McPherson county, on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., 6 miles west of McPherson, the county seat and nearest bank location. Population, 100. Exp., W., F. & Co. Tel.,W. U. J. H. Richards, postmaster.

Barnett J C, meat market.
Bower John, restaurant.
Burns Benjamin, general store.
Burton J , contractor and builder.
Conway Creamery Co.G G Swart mngr.
Conway Union Elevator and Grain Co, coal
Fawbush J D, livery.
Hall J C. physician.
Harry Wm G & Son, general store.
Hawthorn Bros, grain and coal.
Hess G, stone mason and plasterer.
McCoy Walter, blacksmith.
Potter Miss E A, millinery
Ream Wm, general store.
Richards J H, Hotel and Railroad Agent.

ELYRIA, formerly known as King City, in McPherson county, on the Ft. S., W. & W. Ry, 6 miles southeast of McPherson, the county seat and banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific. Population, 50. John Craven, postmaster.

Craven John H, Stationery and Notions.
Gamble Joseph, live stock.
Jennings Robert, grocer and railroad agt
Jones & Nichols, carpenters.
Shields W T, general store.
Smith A G, live stock.
Wilcox A C, grain elevator.
Williams George A, grain.

GALVA, in McPherson county, on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R. and the C., R. I. & P. Ry, 8 miles east of McPherson, the county seat. Has a private bank. Stages to Battle Hill tri-weekly. Population, 300. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. and U. S.

Abercrombie A A, grocer.
Bank of Galva (Harry E Mason), Charles Crilly, cash.
Carey-Lombar Lumber Co.
Colby & Finkle, livery.
Colliver A M. General Store.
Dielman A J, confectioner.
Ditch W E, notions.
Electric Milling Co.
Griffith Bros, blacksmiths.
Hanna James T, pumps.
Hawthorne W A, coal.
Kansas Grain Co.
Kays W H, hotel.
Knowles Dr Robert W, druggist.
McVeigh J, hardware.
Meisinger Joseph, blacksmith.
Morden J L, harness.
Nelson C N, editor Peopleís Advocate.
Peopleís Advocate, C N Nelson editor.
Prentice Charles M, meat market.
Simmons J M, grocer.
Thornton Jesse, grocer and hotel.
White L C, wagon repairs.
Whitting John, cigars.
Wiles Titus F, grocer.

GROVELAND, a postoffice in McPherson county, located on C., R. I. & P. Ry, 6 miles from McPherson, the county seat and banking point. Population, 10. P. C. Ball, postmaster.

Ball, P C, general store and grain.
Jett, C E, railroad, exp and tel agent.

INMAN, on the C. R. I., & P Ry, in McPherson county, 12 miles southwest of McPherson, the judicial seat. Supports a bank, 4 churches and a public school. Population, 300. Exp, U. S. Tel., W. U. J. P. Roetzel, postmaster.

Ackerman Christ, wagonmaker.
Albion Frank, livery.
Anniable E & Co, druggists.
Baker W J, restaurant.
Barnhold Frank, constable.
Bartels H & Co, lumber.
Blake J H, physician.
Bush & Roetzel, live stock.
Classen John, coal.
Davis & Co, Grain.
Depp Leon, general store.
Earlich, physician.
Ellwanger John, blacksmith.
Emis A C, justice of peace.
Emis C, flour mill.
Friesen I C, books and hardware.
Graves J S, physician.
Haberlin R G A, general store.
Hall Wm, publr Inman Review and Justice.
Harder J W, carpenter.
Harms Isaac J, grain.
Haydon W L, grocer.
Heim George, stone mason.
Heim Henry, drayman.
Hoefmeyer George, carpenter.
Holler Wm, painter.
Inman Dry Goods and Clothing Co.
Inman Review, Wm Hall publr.
Janzen H W, harness.
Klopfenstine A, harness.
Klopfenstine Isaac, photographer.
Leibrant Rose, prin public school.
Meyer A J, hardware.
Montgomery Bros, well borers.
Nickel John, barber.
Nightingale Tobias, shoemaker.
Pankratz John, hardware.
Pankratz & Schlatter. machine works.
Patzkowski Jacob, blacksmith.
Peterson Fred, meat market.
Powers Charles, restaurant.
Rassler Bros, General Store.
Roetzel J P, Cigars and Stationery.
Schroeder C, tanner.
Scoffern R F, railroad, exp and tel agt.
Sprouse O L, hotel.
State Bank of Inman (capital, $12,500), F B Clark pres, A W Earlich cash.
Wall John, painter.
Weisthauer John, live stock and grain.
Young L, billiard hall.

JOHNSTOWN, also known as New Gottland, is on the U. P. Ry, in McPherson county, 9 miles north of McPherson, the county seat, and 6 from Lindsborg, the nearest banking point. Exp, Pacific. Population, 25. C. W. Rahmberg, postmaster.

Fisher S P, grain and live stock.

LINDSBORG is situated on the north bank of Smoky Hill river, in the northern part of McPherson county, and on the McP. break of the U. P. Ry and on the N. P. Ry, 15 miles north of McPherson, the county seat, 21 south of Salina, 206 from Kansas City, Mo., and 139 from Topeka. Bethany College is located here and is the largest institution of the kind west of the Mississippi, there being in the neighborhood of 500 students in attendance at the present time. The public schools are graded and among the best in the State. There are four churches, a good hotel, 2 banks, 1 flouring mill, 4 elevators, a large and well equipped broom factory. A tannery, well managed, has recently been established here. An excellent weekly newspaper, the .Lindsborg News, is published. Grain, live stock, brooms and broom corn and produce are shipped. Tel.,W. U. Exp, Pacific. Population, 1,500. Mrs. SE. Henry, postmaster.

Agrelius Augustus E, Cash Farmersí State Bank and Notary Public.
Anderson L F, furniture.
Anderson Oscar T, boots and shoes.
Anderson & Co (John and Gustaf A Anderson), grain elevator.
Bengston & Swensson (John W Bengston, Luther Swensson), Dealers in Hardware, Stoves etc.
Berggren Henry H,Propr Lindsborg Bakery and Restaurant; also Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Berglund & Welin (Oluf Berglund, John Welin) blacksmiths.
Bergstrom Alexander, blacksmith.
Berquist George E, physician.
Bethany College and Normal Institute.
Bjorn John, live stock.
Carlson John G, plasterer.
Carlson Magnus. mason.
Chalson &. Norstrom, Proprs Lindsborg Tannery and Dealers in all Kinds of Leather
Collins Frank S. produce.
Eberhardt C Lumber Co, Christian Eberhardt pres (Salina), Henry Eberhardt sec and mngr (Salina).
Ekblad, Eberhard & Good-holm (John Ekblad, George Eberhard. Frederick Goodholm), Books and Stationery, Watches, Etc.
Ekstrand August, druggist.
Erway & Gustafson (Edward S Erway, Axel Gustafson), barbers.
Farmersí State Bank (Capital, $50,000), Marion J Wellslager Pres, Augustus E Agrelius Cash.
Ferm John, flour and feed.
First National Bank (capital, $50,000; surplus, $30,000), B F Duncan pres John A Swenson cash.
Grondal B G, photographer.
Gunnerson Joseph M, livery.
Gustafson & Lewin (John Gustafson, Francis Lewin), druggists.
Hazelett Rev Lester (Methodist).
Hederstedt Carl A, notions.
Hendrickson Peter, books.
Henry Mrs Sarah E, postmaster.
Holm Adam, shoemaker.
Holm August J, harnessmaker.
Hugereth Rev J A (Baptist).
Jenkins Bros (Albert B and John W), meat market.
Jerrett Ebenezer, coal.
Johnson August, blacksmith.
Johnson Daniel, general store.
Johnson Miss Emma, milliner.
Johnson John V, mngr C Eberhardt Lumber Co.
Kelly James A, drayage.
Krantz Noah A, Music Teacher Bethany College.
Lacey Thomas J, Woodworker, Carriage Trimmer and General Repair Shop; Painting Done to Order.
Lander & Nelson (Charles Lander, John M Nelson), hardware.
Larm David, shoemaker.
Lincoln Andrew, lumber.
Lindborg Axel G. restaurant.
Lindborg & Co (Carl and Frank Lindborg), blacksmiths.
Lindsborg Bakery, Henry H Berggren propr.
Lindsborg. Hotel, Peter Shultz Propr; Only Hotel in the City; First-Class in all Respects.
Lindsborg Milling and Elevator Co (capital, $8,000), Gustaf I Toevs pres and mngr, August J Kohfeld sec.
Lindsborg News, Nelson Bros Editors
Lindsborg Tannery, Chalson Norstrom Proprs.
Lornberg & Bro (Miss Lydia and Wilhelm), notions.
Lundquist Carl, tailor.
Lundquist Charles, grocer.
Lynch John R, agt U P Ry.
McCuen Allen G. dentist.
Myers Charles F, drayman.
Nelson Bros (John D and Frank). Editors Lindsborg News.
Nelson Rev C J (Swedish Methodist).
Nelson Frederick, thresher.
Nelson Swend A, meat market.
Newman Charles L, Propr Lindsborg Livery, Sale and Boarding Stable; Commercial Trade a Specialty.
Olson N T, live stock.
Pearson D & Co (David Pearson, First Natl Bank), grain elevators.
Pederson Wm A, prin public schools.
Pendleton Charles H, harnessmaker.
Rosberg C V, furniture.
Rosengren Edward, Propr Star Broom Factory and Mnfr of the Celebrated Columbian and Sweet Home Brooms.
Salina Mill and Elevator Co, John A Holmes mngr, grain and coal.
Shultz Peter, Propr Lindsborg Hotel.
Sohlberg Peter N, coal and feed.
Somes J F, physician.
Star Broom Factory, Edward Rosengren Propr; Established 1880.
Sundstrom John 0. general store.
Sundstrom Mrs Mathilda O, milliner and dressmaker.
Swenson Alfred J, brick rnnfr.
Swenson Miss Fredericka, milliner.
Swenson John A, cash First Natl Bank.
Teichgraeber Theodore, flour mill.
Thorstenberg Nathaniel J, grain.
Toevs Gustaf I, pres and mngr Lindsborg Milling and Elevator Co.
Uebel Carl, general store.
Union Mercantile Co (capital, $6,000), J E Agrelius pres, Joseph Bjorn mngr. general store.
Wellslager M J, Pres Farmersí State Bank.
Wilber Allen, justice, notary and insurance agt.

McPHERSON, the county seat of McPherson county, is located on the Rock Island, A., T. & S. Fe, M. P. and U. P. Rys, 204 miles southwest of Atchison, 153 from Topeka and 219 from Kansas City. It was first settled in 1878, and now contains a number of churches and graded schools, a college, 3 banks, 2 flouring mills, 4 grain elevators, 4 weekly and a daily newspaper; an elegant new court house is in course of erection. The city is lighted by electricity. The Union Hotel management deserves special notice for its enterprise and hospitality, adding much to the attractiveness and popularity of the city. Ships grain and live stock, hay, broom corn, etc. Tel., W. U. Exp, Pacific, W., F. & Co. and U. S. Population, 3,500. James M. Simpson, postmaster.

Alliance Exchange, Herbert L Slosson mngr, general store.
Allison George W, lawyer.
Almquist Andrew P. blacksmith.
Annabil E & Co (Emerson Annabil), seeds.
Aull Harry, meat market.
Aull Mrs Kate, propr Park Hotel.
Aurell Frank O, shoemaker.
Bacon L F, ag tA, T & 8 Fe R R.
Banker Rev W T (Presbyterian).
Barber & Co (Frederick E Barber and Miss Bessie R Barber), real est, loans, etc.
Bass Arvin, produce.
Bass Mrs A, artist.
Bengtson Nels G, restaurant.
Benjamin Charles A, wagonmaker.
Besgrove Henry, agt W, F and Am Exp Cos.
Bixby & Lindsay (Henry H Bixby, Samuel W Lindsay), druggists.
Broburg Miss Anna C, milliner.
Bruce Charles E, city clerk.
Bruce Charles M, City Attorney and City Clerk.
Bukey Miss Anna, music teacher.
Bukey W Scott, cash McPherson National Bank.
Burns Robert W, Optician.
Butler Llndley H, 2d~hand goods.
Cary Wm H, Money to Loan on Farms; Farm and City Property; Notary Public.
Chamberlain E H, Mngr Union Hotel.
Cheney Miss Nellie, delivery clerk postoffice.
Clarke Fred B, mortgage loans.
Coe John B painter.
Coe Joshua . restaurant.
Colburn & Hamilton (Edward A Colburn. John C Hamilton), flour mill.
Conn George L, baker.
Converse H K, painter.
Cornelius Rev J A (Christian).
Cowgill Joshua, real estate and ins.
Creeg Isaac. painter.
Curtis Mrs Esther, dressmaker.
Cook Cyrus, M J Giddings agt. loans.
Daniel Daniel, Breeder of Standard Trotting Bred Horses.
Daniel John D, agt U S and Pacific Express Cos.
Davis A C & Co (Topeka), elevator.
Davis Duffey, Blacksmithing and Repairing; Horseshoeing a Specialty.
Davis George H, cigar mufr.
Dean J M & Co (John M Dean, Alpha Beck), grocers.
Dean & Guy (Dr Thornton Dean,Charles A Guy), meat market.
Dick Bros (Samuel Dick), grocers.
Dunsmore Rev H Charles (Congregational).
Duvall Wm R, county surveyor.
Dwelle Albert E, cash First National Bank.
Eagle House, Thomas Strahan propr.
Earle Lucien, judge 25th judicial dist.
Ebaugh Ananias, shoemaker.
Ecker G M, agt R I Ry.
Edlund Rev C P (Swedish Lutheran).
Educator and Companion, John M Snyder editor.
Ek Lars P, druggist.
Engberg Andrew, physician.
Engberg. Larsen & Co (Carl W Engberg, John A Larsen, Frank E Johnson), drugs.
Entriken Fred D, meat market.
Farmersí Alliance Insurance Co, John W Yawell pres, A F Waugh sec and mngr.
Farmers and Merchantsí Bank (capital, $20,000), Noah Kuns pres, Daniel F Kuns cash.
Findley James A, poultry, eggs and game at Wholesale.
First National Bank (capital, $50,000; surplus, $5,500), Royal Matthews pres. Albert E Dwelle cash.
Fisk & Freeland (Mrs Fannie Fisk, Mrs Margaret Freeland), milliners.
Freeborn John W, Dealer in Farm Implements, Machinery, Carriages and Wagons.
Freeman-Vim, Potter & Snyder publrs.
Gethin Wm, harnessmaker.
Gillespie Mrs Winnie, baker.
Grattan & Grattan (George F and John M), lawyers.
Graves J S, county coroner.
Haberlein Edward F, produce.
Halherg & Barber (Anthony A Halberg, Fred W Barber), The Leading McPherson Photographers.
Hall Miss Laura V, dressmaker.
Hamberg Olaf, jeweler.
Hanlin Charles A, Editor and Propr McPherson Opinion.
Hanlin S A & Co (Samuel A Hanlin, Ely F Sult dry goods.
Harry W G at Son (Wm G and Wm D), Grain Dealers.
Haskins Mrs Mary, books and stationery
Hawkinson Otto E, county clerk.
Heaton George W, confectionery.
Heithecker Emil H, Dealer in Books and Stationery, Music and Musical Instruments, Etc.
Hemperly John H, Mngr Pearl Milling Co.
Hendry Alex S, court stenographer.
Hill Joseph F, insurance agent.
Hirseland Herman, notions.
Houchen Wm, laundry.
Howes Rev George W (Methodist).
Hubbell Clayton H, druggist.
Hulse Elisha W, real est and abstracts.
Hultquist John A. tailor.
Husband Ernest J, dentist.
Jacobs John P, foundry and machinist.
Jacobs W C, carriagemaker.
Jeffers Harry R, restaurant.
Johnson James E, blacksmith.
Johnson Milo D, laundry.
Kee Sing, laundry.
Keen Michael, From New Merchantsí Hotel.
Keith James T, dentist.
Kern &. Strouse (John Kern, Jacob Strouse), dry goods.
Kinney Ward, loan agent.
Knaus Warren, editor and propr McPherson Democrat.
Kuns Daniel F, cash Farmers and Merchantsí Bank.
Laderer J F & Co (J Fred Laderer), clothing.
Lake Superior Lumber Co. James A Laing mngr.
Lancaster Jacob, painter.
Law Isaac G, county supt.
Lindsay David P, lawyer.
Lloyd Wm J, live stock.
Lucas James F, shoemaker.
Ludlum Addison, prin city schools.
McClellan & Baird (George C McClellan, John R Baird). barbers.
McClure S W Clerk Union Hotel.
McCourt George L, harnessmaker.
McElvain & Switzer (George W McElvain, T Jefferson Switzer), blksmths.
McGinnis Orville, fence mnfr.
McHenry & Co (Daniel and John McHenry), dry goods.
McKenzie Jacob D, contractor and builder.
McMurray L C, clerk district court.
McPherson City Water Works, Frank F Wilcox mngr.
McPherson College, S Z Sharp pres.
McPherson County Abstract Co (Benjamin A Allison, John T Salthouse, A C Spilman), abstracters.
McPherson Democrat, Warren Knaus editor and propr.
McPherson Mercantile Co (capital, $35,000), John Long (Kansas City) pres, Thomas Robinson mngr, gen store.
McPherson National Bank (capital, $50,000; surplus, $6,500), Eli P Williams pres, W S Bukey cash.
McPherson New Opera House, C H Hubbell mngr.
McPherson Opera Hall, McPherson National Bank mngr.
McPherson Opinion, Charles A Hamlin Propr; Devoted to the Interests of McPherson County.
McPherson Republican, S G Mead editor and propr.
Maltby George H, furniture.
Martin Rev B (Catholic).
Martin John W. dry goods.
Matchette George H, Physician and Surgeon.
Matthews Robert L, Secretary and Treasurer Pearl Milling Co.
Mead Samuel G, editor and propr McPherson Republican.
Meibarger Calvin E, dentist.
Midland Hotel, Lincoln L Weaver propr
Miller Richard, Jeweler and Watchmaker; Dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry;.Full Line of Optical Goods.
Miller & Martin (Charles S Miller, Edwin W Martin), carpenters.
Milliken & Galle (John D Milliken, Peter J Galle), lawyers.
Mock James A, barber.
Moon J C & Co (John C Moon, Cortez Hurst), marble works.
Nelson Charles, horse breeder.
Nelson Mrs Olive, Herman V Nelson mngr, shoes.
Nelson Wm H, city constable.
New Merchantsí Hotel, Michael Keen Propr.
Nichols Rev O D (United Brethren).
Norris Mrs Lottie E. milliner.
Norton Mrs Agnes G, restaurant.
Oakley Bros (Wm M and Jesse L), meat market.
Olson Bros (Nels T and Andrew T), hardware.
Olson & Falk Implement Co (Oscar P
Olson, Gus Falk), farm impts.
Park Hotel, Mrs Kate Aull propr.
Park Livery, Sale and Boarding Stables, Sayler & Pratz Proprs.
Parker Henry, grain.
Pearl Milling Co The (Capital, $10,000), Berryman Tindell Pres, Robert L Matthews See and Treas, John H Hemperly Mngr,
Pearson & McFarland (Miss Hannah Pearson, Mrs Celia McFarland), milliners.
Peterson & Peterson (John and Elaph), tailors.
Phelps W H, general repair shop.
Pickett Albert, wagonmaker.
Pollak Joseph, grocer.
Porter & Lewis (Charles S Porter, Mrs Sarah P Lewis), loans.
Post John P, meat market.
Potter & Snyder (Frank H Potter, Wm H Snyder), publrs Freeman-Vim.
Rusk Peter W, Plumber, Steam and Gasfitter; also Dealer in Wind-Mills and Pumps.
Richey John, county treasurer.
Ringwald August, register of deeds.
Robson Frank, livery.
Rossington A, live stock.
Rouze J E, physician.
Salthouse Henry L, physician.
Sayler & Pratz (J H Sayler, J C Pratz). Proprs Park Livery, Sale and Boarding Stables.
Schock Charles D, W U Tel operator.
Scofield H & Co (Harlow Scofield), druggists.
Sellers Abraham, hardware.
Sellers Wm A, stoves and tinware.
Sharp S Z, pres McPherson College.
Shirk Charles H, meat market.
Short Benjamin F, justice.
Simpson James M, postmaster.
Simpson Robert S, physician.
Simpson & Johnson (Mathew R Simpson, Frank O Johnson), lawyers.
Slade Frank, hardware.
Snyder John M, editor Educator and Companion.
Sohlber A G Mercantile Co (capital, $20,050), Andrew G Sohlberg pres, Ernest O Sohlberg sec and treas, general store.
Solanas Joseph, Propr McPherson Omnibus and Transfer Line.
Solanas & Gleason (Joseph Solanas, Wallace Gleason ), livery.
Sorensen Bros (Anders and Christian), grocers.
Sorensen Christian. carpenter.
Southan H C, agt U P Ry.
Springborn Fred J . merchant tailor.
Stiles Fred, cigar mnfr.
Stoner Harry S, carriage painter.
Strahan Thomas, propr Eagle House.
Sudendorf Herman H, Jarrett W Stabler mngr, lumber.
Sundahl Charles J, shoemaker.
Swanson Lars P, general store.
Sweedlund Oluf, restaurant.
Thompson Edward K, physician.
Thomson-Houston Electric Light Co, F F Wilcox mngr.
Tindell Berryman, Pres Pearl Milling Co.
Todd Wm tailor.
Tourney Lumber Co (Addison Ludlum, R H Foulks, Jefferson Tourney). lumber.
Travis Wm J, lawyer.
Union Hotel, E H Chamberlain Mgr, S W McClure Clk; The Only First-Class Hotel in the City.
Vaniman, Brubaker & Co (Jesse W Vaniman. Henry Brubaker, Daniel Vaniman), furniture.
Vreeland Mrs Rosa B, Photographer; Established Thirteen Years; Highest Grade Work a Specialty.
Wade Dick, painter.
Walker James W, probate judge.
Waller & Wright (Charles A Waller,
John R Wright), insurance brokers.
Weaver Lincoln L,propr Midland Hotel.
Webster Charles W, County Attorney.
Webster & Bruce (Charles W Webster, Charles M Bruce), Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law; Commercial Law a Specialty.
Welch David C, lawyer.
Westling Hans, tailor.
Wheeler Charles, hardware.
Wiatt Wm G. blacksmith.
Wilcox Miss Grace, music teacher.
Wilcox R B, agt Mo P Ry.
Winter S & Co (Samuel Winter, Berthold M Isaacs), clothing.
Wolf John, city marshal.
Wright John W, real estate, loan and rental agency.
Wright Samuel, mayor.
Zimmerman John, county sheriff.

MARQUETTE, on Smoky Hill river, on the M. P. Ry, in McPherson county, 21 miles northwest of McPherson, the county seat. Has 3 churches, a good public school,an excellent bank, 1 flouring mill, a first-class hotel and a weekly newspaper, the Tribune. About a mile south of town is the Marquette nursery, a tract of 30 acres, beautifully kept and cultivated. Some of the best nursery stock in the State is shipped from here. Population, 500. Tel., W. U. Exp, Pacific. Charles Roberts, postmaster.

Baird Olin W, physician.
Barna Frank, mason.
Berggren Adolph, propr Hotel.
Berglof Mrs H Minnie, general store.
Broker Henry F, Photographer;Only First~Class Work; Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Broman A A, mason.
Brooks Wm H, general store.
Bruce H Elmer, prin public schools.
Clement W R, physician.
Collier & Anderson (Thomas J Collier. Alfred M Anderson), hardware.
Cottage House, Dr J I Hamilton Propr; Good Rooms, Good Beds and Best Meals in the City.
Crary Elwin C, editor and propr Marquette Tribune.
Eberhardt C Lumber Co, J M Anderson mngr.
Ellvin Olof S, druggist.
Engborg Hotel.John A Engborg propr.
Engborg John A, hotel and restaurant.
Erickson Rev E M (Lutheran).
Foster & Roberts (Joseph A Foster, Charles Roberts), druggists.
Fyler Carlton P, dentist.
Hamilton Joseph E, meat market.
Hamilton J I, Physician and Surgeon; also Propr Cottage House.
Hawkinson Alfred, Dealer in Hardware, Tinware, Woodenware, Stoves, Pumps, Farm Implements, Carriages. Wagons, Etc.
Hawkinson Frank G, broom corn.
Jenkins John W, live stock and grain.
Johnson Rev A J (Mission Friend).
Johnson Charles J. carpenter.
Johnson Mrs Matilda J, milliner.
Lindstrom Frank, blacksmith.
Lofgren Nels, shoemaker.
McCormick Wm C,notary and city clk.
Marquette Hotel, Adolph Berggren propr.
Marquette Nursery, John H Miller Propr.
Marquette Roller Mills, Trew, Ginder & Co Proprs.
Marquette State Bank (Capital, $10,000; Surplus. $1,500), P F Lindh Pres, Robert Soblberg Cash.
Marquette Tribune, Elwin C Crary ed and propr.
Milligan Isaac, poultry.
Muller John ll, Propr Marquette Nursery; a full Line of Fruit, Schrub and Ornamental Trees.
Muma John N, jeweler.
Nelson John, carpenter.
Olson Olof, furniture.
Pihlblad Mrs Louisa, Robert A Thompson mngr, general store.
Renius Andrew P, lumber.
Roberts Charles, postmaster.
Rodell John A, grain and city marshal.
Sanders James C, livery.
Semans Rev 8 L (Methodist).
Solllherg Robert, Cash Marquette State Bank; also Notary Public; Insurance and Real Estate Loans.
Stenberg August, harnessmaker.
Stinson James K, grain.
Swanson John A, Blacksmith, Wagonmaker and General Repair Shop.
Tornblon Harry A, restaurant.
Trew, Ginder Gr. Co (Frank S Trew, Ely C Ginder, Jesse G Kaull), Proprs Marquette Roller Mills.

MONITOR, in McPherson county, 14 miles southwest of McPherson, the county seat, and 7 south of Conway, its shipping point. It is on the tri-weekly stage route from Alpha to Conway. Population, 35. J. E. Zook, postmaster.

Lautz & Zook, general store.

MOUNDRIDGE, an incorporated city of the third class, on the Ft. S., W. & W. Ry, in McPherson county, 19 miles southeast of McPherson, the judicial seat. Has a bank and a weekly newspaper. Tel., W. U. Exp. Pacific. Population, 415. Robert Durst, postmaster.

Bank of Mound Ridge (capital,$10,000), Philip Hoffman pres, J J Toers cash.
Black I J, restaurant.
Brandt Essley, creamery.
Cash C & Co, livery.
Ellenberger C, blacksmith.
Eversole Dr J, druggist.
Eyman H A & Co, lumber and hdwre.
Galle Wm, stationer.
Goering Wm, general store.
Graber J J, shoemaker.
Haney S S, physician.
Holmes Jeff, livery.
Isaac G G, photographer.
Kaegl D, grain and live stock.
Krehbiel A, milliner.
Krehbiel Charles H. blacksmith.
Krehbiel, Goerin & Voran,general store.
Mallis Fred, shoemaker.
Manndiego Lumber Co.
Manns F. blacksmith.
Mound Ridge Grain Co, Jacob Wedel mngr.
Mound Ridge Leader, J A Seaginbill publr.
Mound Ridge Milling Co
Pack Wm J . meat market.
Robinson P F, confectioner.
Schwan J J, general store.
Seaginbill J A, publr Leader.
Showalter & Lutcher, furniture.
Simpson H J, harnessmaker.
Vetter H J , barber.
Wedel C C & Co, druggists.
Wolf H W, harnessmaker.

ROXBURY, in McPherson county, 25 miles from McPherson, the county seat, and 11 north of Canton, its shipping and banking point. Population, 50. E. W. Blaine, postmaster.

Blaine E W, General Store.
Bremen M N, physician.
Marston J M. carpenter.
Muir James, live stock.
Robinson G A, live stock.
Sandberg Ludwig, blacksmith.
Tulle W A, justice of peace.

SHARP'S CREEK, a postoffice in McPherson county, 13 miles from McPherson, the county seat, and 7 from Marquette, its banking and shipping point.

SMOKY HILL, on the C. G., S. V. & W. div. of the M. P. Ry, in McPherson county, 18 miles northwest of McPherson, the seat of justice, and 4 from Marquette, its nearest banking point. Population, 20. Wm. A. Shellman, postmaster.

Palmquist Almond, justice of peace.
Seleen Rev John (Swedish Lutheran).

SPARTA, in McPherson county, 11 miles south of McPherson, the county seat, and 6 from Elyria, its nearest shipping point. C. A. Wing, postmaster and farmer.

SPRING VALLEY, in McPherson county, 20 miles southeast of McPherson, the seat of justice, and 8 northeast of Mound Ridge, the nearest railway and banking point. Population, 25. Mail, tri-weekly. P. S. Carpenter, postmaster.

Hamrick G W, contractor.
Mehr Rev (Evangelical Lutheran).
Minturn Rev D W (Methodist).

WHEATLAND, in McPherson county, 10 miles west of McPherson, the county seat and nearest bank location. It is a station on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R. Exp, W., F. & Co. Robert H. McBride, postmaster.

WINDOM, an incorporated city of the third class, in McPherson county, on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R., 13 miles west of McPherson, the seat of justice and banking point. Population, 200. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co.

Beall Hamilton C, drugs and groceries.
Burkle J J, grocer.
Christopher George C, farm impts.
Culver W H & Co, meat market.
Duvall A E, editor Enterprise.
Enterprise, A E Duvall editor.
Girard August, lumber.
Johnson Matilda J, milliner.
Kauffman Jacob D, hardware.
Lindell & Prior, General Store.
Newell Alvin W, hotel and livery.
Norborne C W, blacksmith.
Petz Andrew J, harness.
Richardson Bros & Tull, drugs.
Rutledge S D, hardware.
Tudhope James, grain and live stock.
Wernet Bros, grain.

WINNESHEIK, a farmers' postoffice in McPherson county, 10 miles from McPherson, the county seat, and 3 from Galva, its banking and shipping point. John Nelson, postmaster and farmer.

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