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McPherson County Death Records
1899 Burial Case Permits

These were transcribed from a group of "burial case permits" which I presume simply meant burial permits. Oddly, these did not give the place of burial. Also, these do not account for all of the deaths in the county in 1899--I found several people who died in the county that year that did not have permits, or were not with these.

Akeson, Della A. female 14da Dec. 28th Empire Twp. pneumonia
Anderson, Mary single female 9mo Sept. 1st Roxbury summer complaint
Baty, C. A. female 64yr Mar. 15th McPherson dropsy
Beck, Ray M. single male 1yr June 14th McPherson congestion of brain
Belcher, c/o George female 1mo Dec. 5th Canton not given
Bowker, Harrison male 75yr May 10th McPherson paralysis
Brigham, Mrs. widowed female 80yr Aug. 11th Roxbury old age
Brown, Mandy female 23yr June 26th Delmore Twp. consumption
Butler, Mary married female 59yr Sept. 1st Spring Valley Twp. blood poisoning
Dalsmute, c/o F. male 4mo July 28th Canton brain fever
Devel, M. E. widowed female 72yr Sept. 21st McPherson typhoid fever
Dole, c/o F. male 4mo July 27th Canton Twp. inflammation of bowels
Drum, c/o R. E. & Ora ng 11mo Sept. 14th Galva bronchitis and entero colitis
Eggleston, c/o Mr. male 7wk Apr. 15th Roxbury not given
Finkle, c/o Jud & Clara female 14d Sept. 19th Galva not given
Finkle, Phoebe M. married female 49yr July 26th Empire Twp. Bright's disease
Finkle, Watson male 49yr Nov. 28th Empire Twp. typhoid fever
Ford, c/o O. E. ng 1mo Aug. 6th Hayes Twp. cholera infantum
Ford, c/o O. E. female 3mo Oct. 14th Castle Twp. cholera infantum
Fox, Bertha female 24yr Nov. 6th College Place consumption
Frazier, Aaron male 60yr Mar. 6th Galva neruisus (?) debility
Freeburg, O. E. male 19yr Sept. 7th Windom typhoid fever
Going, Orval W. single male 1yr Aug. 26th Galva cholera infantum
Grant, c/o W. H. male 0 Nov. 24th McPherson died at birth
Gray, Clara Belle single female 25yr Aug. 18th Groveland heart trouble
Gray, J. K. male 79yr Aug. 9th Canton heart trouble and dropsy
Gustafson, c/o O. male 4da Mar. 21st Harper Twp. premature birth
Guy, John married male 78yr March 8th McPherson Brights disease
Hager, Grace single female 11yr/21yr Nov. 19th Battle Hill Twp. not given
Hamilton, c/o J. C. single male 2da Apr. 19th McPherson premature birth
Hamrick, c/o Mrs. male 9da Mar. 4th Spring Valley Twp. inflammation of bowels
Harrison, J. male 18yr Dec. 10th Hayes Twp. paralysis of bowels
Hennessy, C. married female 66yr Oct. 6th Spring Valley Twp. stomach trouble
Hennessy, Stella female 6wk May 20th Spring Valley Twp. bowel trouble
Hildebrand, Charles widower male 74yr Apr. 20th Canton dry gangrene
Hobson, L. A. female 65yr Apr. 20th Battle Hill Twp. consumption
Hochstrasser, E. single male 17yr May 18th Jackson Twp. heart failure
Hollensworth, Harry male 5wk Apr. 3rd McPherson pneumonia
Hoover, Elizabeth married female 80yr Feb. 7th Canton paralysis
Huff, Netty single female 3yr Sept. 4th Battle Hill Twp. typhoid fever
Hyer, Mary single female ng July 6th McPherson typhoid fever
Johnson, M. A. female 49yr Nov. 25th McPherson cancer
Johnson, Robert Lee unmarried male 10wk Feb. 24th Lone Tree Twp. heart failure
Jones, J. M. male 69yr Jan. 24th McPherson Brights disease
Kelley, Dr. M. F. widower male 86yr Nov. 2nd Canton flux
Kelley, infant not given 4da May 14th Lone Tree Twp. not given
Lindstrom, Ida unmarried female 1yr Feb. 15th Empire Twp. pneumonia
Lundberg, Clara S. married female 28yr Mar. 25th New Gottland consumption
Lundgren, G. female 89yr Feb. 3rd New Gottland general debility
Lundgren, J. P. widower male 80yr Feb. 10th McPherson Twp. general debility
Markwell, Harriet A. widowed female 54yr Mar. 28th McPherson rheumatism
McPhail, Duncan male 54yr Nov. 27th McPherson softening of brain
Mead, J. W. married male 52yr Jan. 11th Marion Co. pneumonia
Miller, C. R. male 28yr May 7th Groveland drowned
Mills, C. male 2yr6mo Nov. 27th Castle Twp. diphtheria
Minnick, Bessie single female 11mo Oct. 25th Canton yellow thrush
Modrell, John married male 32yr Nov. 3rd Canton knife wound in neck
Murray, c/o R. M. unmarried male 4da Feb. 22nd Lone Tree Twp. not given
New/Nuer, Mary A. female 2yr11mo18da Nov. 25th McPherson pneumonia
O'Conner, James R. single male 5yr Mar. 25th McPherson brain fever
Oblander, Bertha female 6mo Sept. 7th Canton Twp. cramps
Oldfield, Zella M. female 3wk Apr. 15th Canton throat trouble
Personett, F. E. married female 31yr Sept. 26th McPherson puerperal fever
Personett, Roy (c/o H.) male 5wk Oct. 24th McPherson stomach trouble
Peterson, Mrs. married female 43yr Feb. 8th Lone Tree Twp. consumption
Phelps, W. H. male 65yr Apr. 30th McPherson inflammation of lungs
Rank, Lydia female 73yr Nov. 16th McPherson apoplexy
Ray, James male 86yr Oct. 19th Gypsum Creek Twp. old age
Rhein, William H. married male 81yr July 21st Meridian Twp. old age
Robison, Mrs. B. widowed female 87yr June 11th Gypsum Creek Twp. old age
Russell, John H. married male 84yr Oct. 3rd Canton old age
Sellers, Anna B. female 24yr Apr. 16th McPherson consumption
Sellers, c/o A. H. & L. male 7da Oct. 3rd Canton not given
Soderberg, Hannah female 73yr Nov. 30th Harper Twp. general debility
Stansbury, c/o Ellis not given 2da Dec. 26th Jackson Twp. not given
Stevens, Mannie single female 7yr June 17th Roxbury blood poisoning
Talbott, Minnie female 35yr July 11th Jackson Twp. consumption
Tanner, c/o F. L. female 5mo July 27th Mound Twp. summer complaint
Tapper, C. A. married male 33yr Nov. 7th McPherson typhoid and brain fever
Tector, c/o male 3wk Oct. 18th Empire Twp. not given
Thomas, J. male 11mo Oct. 31st McPherson intermittent fever
Thorsten/Thorson, Lucy A. female 69yr Apr. 19th McPherson Bright's disease and heart disease
Tunnell, D. L. male 83yr Sept. 28th King City Twp. general debility
Unruh, S. D. female 38yr Apr. 6th Inman paralysis
Van Huzen, J. married male 73yr June 26th Canton paralytic stroke
Van Nostrand, Catharine male 77yr Mar. 31st Conway hepatic cancer
Wade, F. S. unmarried male 3wk Feb. 14th Conway pneumonia
Ware, Jonathon widower male 77yr Nov. 12th Lone Tree Twp. Bright's disease
White, J. K. male 68yr Mar. 17th McPherson general debility
White, William single male 3mo Sept. 27th Canton summer complaint
Whittney, Ella S. married female 51yr March 13th Empire Twp. heart failure/pneumonia
Wilson, A. B. male 38yr Oct. 5th King City Twp. typhoid fever
Woodard, D. W. male 58yr Jan. 4th Burrton dropsy

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