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McPherson County Death Records
1894 Burial Case Permits

These were transcribed from a group of "burial case permits" which I presume simply meant burial permits. Oddly, these did not give the place of burial. Also, these do not account for all of the deaths in the county in 1894--I found several people who died in the county that year that did not have permits, or were not with these.

Lind, Axel Rudolph 8m Jan. 12th, 1894 Lindsborg inflammation of the brain
Smith, George W. 43y Jan. 9th, 1894 McPherson consumption
Burgman, Arthur H. 4y Jan. 19th, 1894 McPherson lung fever
Bloomberg, Sophia 56y Jan. 21st, 1894 New Gottland Twp. general debility
Houck, J. P. 42y Jan. 13th, 1894 Galva gunshot would
Peterson, Mrs. Josephina 42y Jan 24th, 1894 Fremont not given
Pearson, Catherina 81y Jan. 26th, 1894 Lindsborg old age
Shane, Walter E. 2y6m Jan. 19th, 1894 McPherson scarlet fever
Bruce, infant 3m Jan. 26th, 1894 Jackson Twp. whooping cough
Erikson, Andrew 78y4m8d Jan. 31st, 1894 Marquette stroke of apoplexy
Swanson, Carl 5y Jan. 20th, 1894 Marquette killed by falling tree
Ericson, Christine 76y Jan. 6th, 1894 Lindsborg paralysis and old age
Carlson, Matilda O. 33y Jan. 3rd, 1894 Marquette not given
Hanson, H. L. 70y Jan. 2nd 1894* Sharps Creek old age
Wiles, Clara A. 30y Feb. 19th, 1894 Galva puerperal fever
Hill, Celeste 38or58y Feb. 21st, 1894 McPherson cancer
Johnson, Henry 40y Feb. 10th, 1894 Lonetree heart failure
Johnson, Lelma 1y Mar. 2nd, 1894 Lindsborg whooping cough
Shields, W. D. 69y Feb. 24th, 1894 McPherson sarcoma
Brown, Martha E. 35y Feb. 23rd, 1894 Superior Twp. consumption
Rask, Erik 82y Feb. 12th, 1894 McPherson sudden heart failure and old age
Eaton, Edna 2y Mar. 15th, 1894 McPherson pneumonia
Falis, Flora 36y Mar. 9th, 1894 Groveland Twp. Brights disease
Eash, William 23y Mar. 17th, 1894 Windom dislocation of hip
Larson, Annie Justine 30y Mar. 5th, 1894 Delmore Twp. inflammation of the womb
Ledington, Maria 47y Mar. 12th, 1894 McPherson consumption and general debility
Yowell, Johnnie 8m Mar. 2nd, 1894 Jackson Twp. inflammation of the stomach
Hess, Catherine 51y Mar. 26th, 1894 Conway dropsy of the heart and paralysis
Wedel, Rudolph 1y Mar. 19th, 1894 Moundridge inflammation of the brain
Schroeder, Wilhelm 20d Mar. 29th, 1894 Spring Valley Twp. not given
Talbot, Hilda 20y Mar. 12th, 1894 Lindsborg inflammation of the bowels
Lander/Lauder, Eleanor 2y Mar. 20th, 1894 Lindsborg whooping cough and pneumonia
Grubs, Mrs. 89y Mar. 23rd, 1894 Bonaville Twp. cancer and old age
Unruh, Susana 23y Mar. 23rd, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. consumption
Sitts, Mary 35y Apr. 2nd, 1894 McPherson Twp. scarlet fever
Sharp, Maurice A. 20y Apr. 2nd, 1894 McPherson consumption
Gustafson, Augusta 42y Mar. 17th, 1894 New Gottland Twp. consumption
Drum, Martha 30y Apr. 2nd, 1894 Galva consumption
Riemer, Annie 9m Apr. 2nd, 1894 Spring Valley Twp. croup
Yowell, Ida 9m Apr. 3rd, 1894 Jackson Twp. pneumonia
Matthews, Samuel Apr. 13th, 1894 McPherson pneumonia and heart failure
Bosserman, Arthur 4m Apr. 15th, 1894 McPherson Co. croup and inflammation of the lungs
Hammock, Albert 16y Apr. 3rd, 1894 Windom spinal meningitis
Sackett, child of A. F. 3m Apr. 5th, 1894 McPherson indigestion
Bengtson, John 52y Apr. 19th, 1894 inflammation of the lungs
Nelson, Christine 38y Apr. 19th, 1894 Roxbury blood poison from childbirth
Detleff, William 31y Apr. 23rd, 1894 McPherson hemorrhage of the bowels
Wistrand, Johanes 92y Apr. 24th, 1894 Fremont old age
Fensky, twins of A. 0 Apr. 24th, 1894 Meridian Twp. stillborn
Almstrom, Ernest 9m Apr. 21st, 1894 New Gottland Twp. croup
Krehbiel, infant of Charles 0 Apr. 25th, 1894 Moundridge stillborn
Clark, Theodore 78y Apr. 28th, 1894 Groveland Twp. heart disease
Engsborg, Edna R 3y May 1st, 1894 McPherson whooping cough and pneumonia
Huggerth, Olive 2y May 3rd, 1894 Lindsborg gastritis
Peterson, Agnes Fredrika 7y May 5th, 1894 Sharps Creek malarial fever
Dunsford, Charles 14y May 1st, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. pneumonia
Kaufmann, Emma 2m May 5th, 1894 Turkey Creek Twp. cramps
Bergsten, Mrs. J. G. 53y May 5th, 1894 Lindsborg dropsy
Zady, Hazel 6m May 12th, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. brain fever
Helstrom, John H. 19y May 12th, 1894 New Gottland Twp. inflammatory rheumatism
Swenson, Anna 62y May 19th, 1894 Lindsborg rupture of blood vessel
Strauss, Frederick 86y May 10th, 1894 Moundridge old age
Swan, Elizabeth 67y May 16th, 1894 Moundridge not given
Unruh, David 55y May 22nd, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. not given
Lundquist, Ida 9y May 25th, 1894 Fremont kicked by a horse
Shoberg, Lena 32y June 1st, 1894 McPherson consumption of the lungs
Besgrove, Henry Elmer 1y2m June 14th, 1894 McPherson whooping cough
Potter, Mrs. Jessie 22y June 17th, 1894 McPherson blood poison
Johnson, Gustaf 60y June 11th, 1894 Lindsborg stomach trouble of long standing
Lundstrom, G. F. 54y June 11th, 1894 Lindsborg pluerisy
Stuky, Anna B. 25y June 12th, 1894 Mound Twp. lung fever
Handley, Walter B. 2y June 29th, 1894 McPherson cholera infantum
Rudolph, Eliza 88y July 18th, 1894 McPherson general debility and old age
Johnson, Ida 18y July 22nd, 1894 Lindsborg suicide by poison
Anderson, E. J. 2y July 15th, 1894 McPherson Twp. dysentery
Meisinger, Joseph 33y July 17th, 1894 Galva typhoid fever
Colby, Benjamin 50y July 17th, 1894 Galva paralysis
Munter, C. O. 11y July 24th, 1894 Lindsborg diphtheria
Pankratz, Henry 73y Aug. 12th, 1894 Superior Twp. general debility
Hunlin/Hedlund, A. M. 1y Aug. 13th, 1894 McPherson inflammation of the stomach
Barnes, R. A. 62y Aug. 5th, 1894 Empire Twp. inflammation of the bowels
Johnson, Elen 9m Aug. 5th, 1894 Lindsborg diarrhea
Preshaw, Emmett 10y Aug. 8th, 1894 McPherson sarcoma
Schlitzbaum, Mrs. 60y Aug. 16th, 1894 Inman heart failure
Enns, Karl 3m Sep. 21st, 1894 Inman inflammation of the stomach
Suffield, C. H. 41y Sep. 20th, 1894 Canton heart disease
Morgenson, infant of Anthony 11m Aug. 28th, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. cholera infantum
Morgenson, Carry H. 11m Sep. 2nd, 1894 Lone Tree Twp. cholera infantum
Kufmann, T. 25y Sep. 19th, 1894 poor farm epilepsy
Evy, infant of John 2d Sep. 1894 cramps
Wistrand, Susanna 28y Aug. 3rd, 1894 Fremont consumption
Schneider, Maria 31y Sep. 8th, 1894* Meridian Twp. typhoid fever
Munter, Edith N 3y6m Aug. 24th, 1894 Lindsborg diphtheria
Kauffman, Anna 19y July 12th, 1894* Turkey Creek Twp. consumption
Jernberg, John 2y6m Aug. 1st, 1894 Sharps Creek rupture
Melander, Theresy 8y Aug. 21st, 1894 Lindsborg not given
Johnson, Carl E. 2m Sep. 18th, 1894 Lindsborg cholera infantum
Lay, T. S. 72y Oct. 3rd, 1894 McPherson asthma
Wiles, Grace C. 8m Oct. 5th, 1894 Galva congestion of brain
Wardell, Mrs. Caroline 35y Sep. 23rd, 1894 Lindsborg consumption
Buckstraw, Margreta 67y Dec. 7th, 1894 Lindsborg consumption
Nelson, Hannah 22y Nov. 13th, 1894 Marquette consumption
Strom, Carl O. 24y7m Nov. 14th, 1894 McPherson consumption
Bergsten, J. G. 53y Oct. 19th, 1894 Lindsborg not given
Bukey, J. W. 76y Oct. 22nd, 1894 McPherson congestion of brain
Altmann, John 19y Oct. 27th, 1894* cramps
Wallace, R. A. 71y Nov. 20th, 1894 Galva general debility
Lancaster, Ada A. 43y Dec. 8th, 1894 McPherson cancer of womb
Anderson, Nels F. 47y Dec. 17th, 1894 McPherson consumption and asthma
Houston, D. S. 82y Nov. 25th, 1894 McPherson apoplexy
Schroeder, Katherine 30y Nov. 5th, 1894* child bed fever
Nelson, Uma M. 69y11m Dec. 2nd, 1894 Marquette old age
Minns, A. 96y Dec. 21st, 1894 McPherson general debility
Harris, Oscar 30y Jan. 6th, 1895 poor farm lagrippe
Baker, not given 86y Dec. 27th, 1894 Galva general debility

*actual date of death not given; date permit returned given.

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