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McPherson County Birth Records
1887 Reported Births

I do not think these are the complete birth records for 1887; the 1888 records were more extensive. There are no returns for Lindsborg, Marquette or several other townships. However, the records below were all that were included in the ledger. These are from hand-written records and I apologize for any errors.

Aten, Mertie Dicey Sept. 12th Battle Hill Twp. 1 Janey Davis Robert T. Aten
Burnett, Pansy July 16th Roxbury 2 Mary Eldora Metcalf Elija Edward Burnett
Carter. Luvina Dec. 3rd Superior Twp. 3 Salla C. Haydon Zachariah B. Carter
Edenberg, female July 12th Rice Co. 9 not given Peter Edenberg
Franklin, female Oct. 21st Canton ng not given Thomas Franklin
Haesche, Ida Aug. 18th Superior Twp. 6 Mary Elizabeth ? Henry Haesche
Ledbetter, female Dec. 8th Canton 3 not given Burt Ledbetter
Lindenberger, Philip July 6th, Lone Tree Twp. 5 Eliza Spencer John Lindenberger
McClain, Sarah E. Oct. 25th McPherson 3 Lutie Bennett Horace McClain
Miles, Ruth E, June 11th McPherson 4 Dinah Grose William Miles
Nachtigall, Mary Sept. 25th Superior Twp. 2 Emelia Sophia ? Tobias Nachtigall
Nichols, still born Nov. 22nd McPherson ng Emma ? Frank Nichols
Pool, Robert Nelson Aug. 1st Spring Valley Twp. 4 Barby Ann Holderman Joseph H. Pool
Powell, infant Feb. 3rd Harper Twp. 1 Minnie C. Storch Burt L. Powell
Rillion, male and female July 18th Groveland Twp. 4&5 Elizabeth Harris O. J. Rillion
Rummerfield, female Dec. 20th Aiken 4 Sarah Slaughter Ichabod Rummerfield
Sage, William Arthur Jan. 11th Spring Valley Twp. 1 Emma Hulderman Alvin Sage
Scott, Gertrude May 25th Superior Twp. 4 Letitia Shotwell Z. S. Scott
Shelly, George W. June 11th McPherson 4 E. Pancost George W. Shelly
Slocum, male July 16th Sharp's Creek Twp. 1 Alice Kannon Fred Slocum
Smith, female Oct. 13th McPherson 1 Flora Conner James E. Smith
Walker, male Sept. 8th Canton 4 Mary ? John Walker
Waymire, male Dec. 10th McPherson 3 Nettie Hale William Waymire
Welsh, Ernest May 26th Superior Twp. 4 Emma Regers John Welsh
Wright, male July 15th Hayes Twp. 3 Mary Ridell Frank Wright

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