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McPherson County Obituaries
McPherson Republican 1884 Obits

Died on Friday evening, Dec. 28th, 1883, of heart disease, Ida Belle Craig, aged 9 years, 11 months, 2 days. Her illness was brief, only having taken to her bed on Christmas day, and being a child of delicate constitution, the disease terminated her life suddenly. She was of a very pleasant disposition and will be greatly missed by her parents and those who knew her. (McPherson Republican, Jan. 3, 1884)

Died at her residence in Castle township, Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1884, Mrs. Jennie Van Nordstrand, wife of J. M. Van Nordstrand, aged 30 years and one month. She was born in Bloomfield, Davis county, Iowa. Her father, Mr. Camron, was a highly respected citizen and had been clerk of the county, and occupied other responsible positions. She was married to Mr. Van Nordstrom July 7, 1875 and came to this county in the fall of the same year, and resided here until the day of her death. She leaves behind her a sorrowing husband and two young boys whose richest inheritance is her blessed memory. (McPherson Republican, Jan. 10, 1884)

Died, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1884, John F. Bowden, of this place, aged 58 years. Mr. Bowden was born in the state of Tennessee, but when quite a child his father's family removed to the state of Indiana where most of his life was spent. When he grew up he adopted the profession of law. At the outbreak of the war his loyalty did not permit him to remain idle. He at one enlisted as a private soldier. After the war, in 1868, Mr. Bowden located at Harrisonville, Mo., where he remained until 1871, when he came to this state. He came to this county in the fall of 1880 where he has resided ever since. He leaves a wife and three children. He was an Odd Fellow, Mason and a member of the G.A.R. He had been an active member of the Methodist church since 1863. He was buried on Sabbath last, Rev. Mr. Akin conducting the services in the Methodist church at this place. (McPherson Republican, Jan. 17, 1884)

Oliver Eugene Schoenhut, son of George Schoehut, aged about five and one half years, was buried this morning. Rev. Mr. Burt officiated at the funeral. (McPherson Republican, Jan. 31, 1884)

Died, of pneumonia, in this city, on Feb. 2, 1884, W. W. Daniels, aged 48 years. Mr. Daniels was born in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, where he lived until he came to McPherson four years ago. He was a single man and had no relatives in this part of the country. He was buried last Sabbath, where a large company attended the services. (McPherson Republican, Feb. 7, 1884)

Miss Sophia Nelson died at the McPherson House on Monday night of spinal disease. (McPherson Republican, Feb. 14, 1884)

Mrs. Harvey Smith, a sister of Mrs. John R. Wright, died a few days since in Rice county, and on Monday last was buried in the cemetery at this place. (McPherson Republican, Feb. 14, 1884)

Died, on Tuesday evening, at his residence in the city, John Funk, aged 36 years, after only a few days' sickness. The deceased, who had been in our community for many years, engaged in the tinning business, was highly respected by all our citizens. He was a member of the I.O.O.F., by whom the funeral was conducted. The Rev. J. C. Burt preached the funeral service. The deceased leave a wife and children to mourn their sad loss. (McPherson Republican, March 20, 1884)

Died, at his residence in King City last Monday, D C. Weddle. Mr. Weddle was one of the first settlers in that part of the county and was well respected in the whole community. He was a member of McPherson post of the G.A.R. by which the funeral services were conducted. (McPherson Republican, April 3, 1884)

Died, Friday, March 28, 1884, Mr. I. B. Davis, at his residence on Sharps Creek. Mr. Davis was one of the early settlers on Sharps Creek, and was highly respected by all who knew him. He was a member of the G.A.R. post at this place, and also the masonic lodge. The funeral services were conducted by both orders. The loss of Mr. David seems like the removal of an old land mark. The vacancy is a great one, and one that cannot easily be filled. (McPherson Republican, April 3, 1884)

Died, at Denver, Missouri, March 30, last, William Lockhart, formerly of Gypsum Creek Twp. Mr. Lockhart was a brother of Alfred and Asbury Lockhart, who now reside in Roxbury. He was quite a young man, being only 23 years of age. (McPherson Republican, April 10, 1884)

There will be a memorial service on the death of Comrade N. N. Lincoln, member of J. B. McPherson Post No. 87, G.A.R., in the Opera House, on Sunday, April 13, 1884, at 3 o'clock p.m. Post Commander M. P. Simpson will make the address. All are invited. (McPherson Republican, April 10, 1884)

The Baptist church at Roxbury have lately lost two sisters by death. The first, sister Sherlock, who united with the church along with two daughters, last summer. The last, sister Stephenson, who had been a member many years, coming from Indiana ten years ago with her husband, who is dead some seven years. Sister Stephenson was known all over the township as Aunty Stephenson, standing in that relation to Mrs. Samuel Hall and Mrs. Dunn. She was 75 years old on the 8th of March, dying on the 31st. (McPherson Republican, April 10, 1884)

A little girl about one year old, of Mr. and Mrs. T. Kirby of Meridian, died last Wednesday, measles aggravated with a bad cold being the cause. (McPherson Republican, April 24, 1884)

Mrs. Lineback, wife of the pastor of the Free Methodist church, was buried on Tuesday of this week. She was a sister of John R. Wright, of this place. Mrs. Lineback leaves a husband and five young children. (McPherson Republican, May 8, 1884)

Died, at her residence in Turkey Creek township, in this county, on Saturday, the 17th inst., Anna Girard, aged 63 years. She was born in Westmeath, Ireland, and came to this country about 40 years ago. She married J. B. Girard in New York City soon after her arrival. They soon moved to Peoria, Illinois, which was the family residence for about 17 years. They came to Lake View in this county in 1874 and have lived there ever since. Mrs. Girard was a devout Catholic and lived a genuine Christian life. She had been an invalid for many years and bore suffering with great patience. Her disease was greatly relieved during her residence here. The immediate cause of death was dropsy. She leaves a husband and four children. (McPherson Republican, May 22, 1884)

Died, May 22, a little son of Tom Wilson, of the Little River neighborhood. (McPherson Republican, May 29, 1884)

Monday morning, Arthur Hadley, step-son of J. D. Engle, left this city with the Newton mail. He had a one horse buggy. Arriving at the crossing Turkey Creek he found water over the bridge. He unhitched his horse and rode across. Returning to McPherson, he was reluctant to cross there again, and looked downstream for a better place. He found what he thought was a good crossing, but he plunged in and at once disappeared. Nearby boys saw it happen, and rushed to the creek at once but Hadley never rose to the surface. His horse after some struggling got out. Near sundown, W. J. Lloyd was finally sucessfull in finding the body. Mr. Hadley's body was brought back to McPherson and buried Tuesday evening. He was 19 years old and bore an excellant reputation. (McPherson Republican, June 5, 1884)

Gust Nelson, living in Marquette, was struck by lightning and instantly killed while leaning up against a stack of wheat, on July 1st. His remains were interred in the Swedish Lutheran cemetery near Marquette, on the 2nd. (McPherson Republican, July 3, 1884)

John William Irvin, aged 12 years, only son of A. A. and Rachel Irvin, died Tuesday afternoon of inflammation of the bowels. The funeral took place at the Methodist church Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock and was largely attended. He was a bright and promising boy, and his parents and sister have the sympathy of the entire community. (McPherson Republican, Aug. 14, 1884)

Died, at the home of the parents, Stephen D. and Lydia L. Wynn, seven miles north of Windom, Guy Orval Wynn. He was born August 16, 1876, and died at half past one, August 11, 1884. Guy was a bright boy and one of the sunbeams of promise has suddenly vanished from the household and a shadow has fallen across the hearts that loved him. After a prayer at the house a large procession followed the body to Baker school house, where Rev. DeMott preached the funeral, and the body tenderly laid away in the cemetery near by. (McPherson Republican, Aug. 21, 1884)

Mrs. L. P. Ek, wife of the druggist, died Tuesday morning from the effects of a tumor. Funeral services were held at the Swedish Lutheran church Wednesday morning and largely attended. (McPherson Republican, Aug. 28, 1884)

Marilla H. Lowry, daughter of C. and M. Drum, died September 4, 1884. (McPherson Republican, Sep. 12, 1884)

Our readers will regret to hear of the death of Harry McGrew, a bright young boy who formerly resided here. He died a few days ago in Pratt county. (McPherson Republican, Sep. 26, 1884)

Died, at his residence in McPherson county, Sept. 29th, 1884, Mr. A. B. Bliss, in the 47th year of his age. Alvan Burney Bliss was born in New York State, April 15, 1838, removed to Wisconsin with his parents at the age of eight or ten, united with the Congregational Church while in his youth. He married Feb. 11, 1869 and removed to Illiois in December 1870. From Illinois he came to Kansas in March 1873. He was an old citizen of this county and was highly regarding for his sterling integrity and purity of life. (McPherson Republican, Oct. 3, 1884)

Miss Mattie Hanna, a young teacher well known in this county, died at the home of her parents in Galva on the 10th, inst. She was respected and loved by all who knew her, and her parents have the sympathy of the community in their sad affliction. (McPherson Republican, Oct. 17, 1884)

We are pained to announce the death of John W. Barnes. He was comparatively a newcomer, but had won the esteem of all who knew him. He was buried by the Masonic fraternity. (McPherson Republican, Oct. 24, 1884)

Died, Eva Kindblade, Oct. 17, 1884; daughter of John and Cinderella Kindblade, aged 15 years, 1 month and 14 days. (McPherson Republican, Oct. 24, 1884)

A child of H. M. Bickel died last week and was buried on Sunday. (McPherson Republican, Nov. 21, 1884)

Mrs. Chapman died in this city last Monday. She was quite an old lady and was much respected. Her remains were taken to her former residence near Roxbury. (McPherson Republican, Dec. 12, 1884)

Mrs. Wood of McPherson died on Tuesday at 10 o'clock. (McPherson Republican, Dec. 12, 1884)

We are sorry to record the death last Thursday of Louise Hetzke, of diphtheria. She was the daughter of Mr. Herman Hetzke of Meridian, and was a bright girl of about 12 years. (McPherson Republican, Dec. 19, 1884)

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