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The list below is from the publication, "A History of Kansas Newspapers", published 1916 by the Kansas State Historical Society. A "+" mark after the publication date indicates the paper was still in operation on Jan. 1, 1916.


Organized, 1865; named for Gen. Francis Marion; county seat, Marion; area, 954 square miles, 610,560 acres; population (1915), 21,577; assessed valuation (1915), $41,639,062; resources and industries building stone, gypsum, and agriculture.


MARION Population (1915), 1951; elevation, 1310 feet; established, 1860; formerly called Marion Centre; named for Gen. Francis Marion; industrieselevators, artificial stone manufactury, creamery; waterworks, telephones, paved streets, municipal electric light plant: is on the Santa Fe and Rock Island railways.

RECORD, Republican; Homer Hoch, editor and manager, Marion.
Weekly. July 23, 1875 +.
This is a continuation of the following: The Western News, Marion Centre, founded Sept., 1889, by A. W. Robinson; sold in 1871 to John E. Murphy, who changed the name to "Western Giant, and published it until Sept., 1871, when it was sold to C. S. Triplett. who changed the name to Marion County Record. In 1874 the paper was purchased by E. W. Hoch. Marion Times, founded 1890 by C. E. Foote and Henry Kuhn; name changed in 1899 to the Marlon Head- light, with H. J. Buschlen, editor and publisher; sold to the Record in 1909.

REVIEW, Democratic; T. B. Matlock, editor, Mrs. T. B. Matlock, associate editor, Marion.
Weekly. Jan. 2, 1908 +.
Founded 1907 as the Lincolnville Lance by D. O. Bell; name changed to Marion County Lance same year; moved to Marion, Jan., 1908, and name again changed, appearing as the Marion Review, with C. C. Jones as editor and publisher.


BURNS Population 1915, 417; elevation, 1497 feet; established about 1881; industries elevator, carriage factory, squab plant; telephones; is on the Santa Fe railway.

CITIZEN, Progressive; R. E. Eakin, editor and publisher, Burns.
Weekly. July 13, 1893 +.
Founded 1893 by H. Bruce.


DURHAM Population (1915), 283; elevation, 1378 feet; originally Moore's Ranch; established, 1859 by A. A. Moore, and a noted trading post and tavern on the Santa Fe Trail; later on the land came into the possession of Albert Crane, of Chicago, who in the later 70's called it Durham Park Ranch; eventually a settlement grew around the post office, becoming known as Durham about 1887; telephones; is on the Rock Island railway.

TRIBUNE, independent; The Tribune Publishing Company, editors and publishers.
Weekly. Sept. 2, 1915 +.
Founded 1915 by The Tribune Publishing Company.


FLORENCE Population (1915), 1258; elevation, 1269 feet; established, 1870; named for Mrs. Florence Crawford Capper, daughter of Gov. S. J. Crawford; industries stone quarries and crushers, elevators, flour mills; telephones, waterworks; is on the Santa Fe railway.

BULLETIN, Republican; Raymond Gear, editor and publisher, Florence.
Weekly. Feb. 17, 1887 +.
Founded 1887 by J. B. Crouch.


HILLSBORO Population (1915), 1223; elevation, 1433 feet; established, 1879; named for John G. Hill; industries elevators, flour mills; telephones; is on the Santa Fe railway.
TABOR COLLEGE HEROLD [German], college; D. E. Harder, editor and publisher, Hillsboro.
Monthly. Jan., 1912 +.
Founded 1912.

VORWARTS [German], Progressive; A. L. Sehellemberg, editor and publisher, Hillsboro.
Weekly. Jan. 5, 1908 +.
A continuation of the Hillsboro Journal, founded 1903; name changed to Vorwarts in 1910,

ZION'S BOTE [German], official organ of the Mennonite Brethren of North America; A. L. Schellenberg, editor and publisher.
Weekly. Jan. 2, 1895.
Founded in 1884; moved to Medford, Okla., in 1899; moved to McPherson in 1907, and thence to Hillsboro in 1918.


LOST SPRINGS Population (1915), 261; elevation, 1476 feet; established, 1870; named for the Lost Springs on the Santa Fe Trail; industries elevators, flour mills; telephones; is on the Santa Fe and Rock Island railways.

NEWS, independent; L. N. Woodside, editor and publisher, Lost Springs.
Weekly. Aug. 12, 1915 +.
Founded 1915 by L. N. Woodside.


PEABODY Population (1915), 1401; elevation, 1358 feat; established, 1871; named for F. H. Peabody, of Boston, one-time president of the A. T. & S. F. railway; industries stone quarries, creamery; electric lights, water system, public library, telephones; is on the Santa Fe and Rock Island railways.

GAZETTE-HERALD, Republican; Oscar S. Stauffer, editor and publisher, Peabody,
Weekly. Jan. 21, 1876 +.
Founded 1873 by J. P. Church; daily edition founded 1887 by W. H. Morgan; discontinued same year. Peabody Herald, founded 1911 by C. T. Weaver; consolidated 1915 with the Gazette.



Marion Banner. Mar. 11, 1880-1882

Central Advocate. Feb. 13-Nov. 27, 1891

Central Kansas Telegraph. Apr. 24-Nov. 6, 1880

Cottonwood Valley Times; Marion Times. Apr. 21, 1887-1901
[12 issues published Sept., 1889, to Nov., 1890.]

Graphic. Dec. 22, 1882-1884

Globe. July 23, 1890-1891

Headlight. May 4, 1899-1909

Marion County Anzeiger [German]. July 15, 1887-1888

Marion Marion County Democrat; Independent. Mar. 15, 1883 1884.

Register. Jan., 1886-1888

Rural Kansan. Feb., 1889-1890

School Gleaner. Sept., 1889-1890

Scimitar. Jan. 9-Oct. 2, 1890

Times (d). Feb. 6-Oct. 1, 1888

Tribune. July 10, 1886-1887

Burns Monitor. Nov. 1, 1889-1890

Canada Arcade. Jan. 4-Nov. 1, 1887

Durham Journal. Oct. 4, 1906-1907

Florence Herald, Oct. 13, 1876-1891
[June, 1885-Feb., 1887, lacking).

News. July 10, 1886-1887

Tribune. July 12, 1884-1886

Hillsboro Anzeiger [German]. Sept 14, 1888-1897

[Formerly Marion County Anzeiger].

Freie Presse [German]. Feb. 21-Aug 29, 1890

Freundschafts-Kreis [German] (m). Apr., 1885-1886

Herald. Sept. 30, 1886-1889

Intelligencer. Sept. 8, 1881-1882

Journal. June 5, 1908-1910

Kansas Courier. Sept. 25, 1891-1893

Phonograph. Jan. 7-June 3, 1881

Post [German]. Mar. 25, 1898-1902

Lincolnville Lance; Marion County Lance. June 28-Dec. 27, 1907

Lost Springs Courier. July 12, 1888-1889

Trail. Nov. 5, 1908-1910

Peabody Church of the New Jerusalem (m). Feb., 1910-Aug., 1915



Marion Advance. Oct. 1-8, 1892.

Enquirer. Mar. 15, 1890.

Lower Light. (Nov., 1887 Oct., 1889.

Marion County Democrat. Apr. 7-May 26 1892.

Register (d). Sept. 6, 1886.

School Galaxy. Sept 6, 1877-Jan. 3, 1878.

Burns Mirror. Sept. 5, 1890-Jan. 16, 1891.

Hillsboro Farmers' Anzeiger [German]. Nos. 1 and 2, 1883.

Lincolnville Star. July 16-Nov. 19, 1887.

Lost Springs Journal. Sept. 17-Nov. 26, 1887.

Marion Baptist (m). Jan.-June, 1895.

Journal (m). July and Aug., 1895.

Hillsboro Christliches Kinderblatt [German]. Nov. 2-30, 1902.

Peabody Graphic. May 20-June 19, 1891.

Tampa Star. Apr. 25-Aug. 15, 1912.

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