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Harvey County Schools
Student Roster, Dist. 75 School, 1916

Includes birthdates and parents' names. All residences were given as Burrton. Bessie H. Lewis was the teacher

Student Date of Birth Parent/Parents
Booher, Floyd May 3rd, 1909 J. A. and Clara Booher
Booher, Mae Feb. 13th, 1901 J. A. and Clara Booher
Boyle, Elizabeth Nov. 14th, 1910 Charles and Saleta Boyle
Boyle, Ernest Nov. 8th, 1904 M. A. Boyle
Boyle, Mable Aug. 9th, 1905 M. A. Boyle
Cathcart, Neva* Aug. 3rd, 1906 Bert Cathcart
Cathcart, Vivian* Apr. 21st, 1905 Bert Cathcart
Devenpeck, John Feb. 18th, 1907 John and Lizzie Devenpeck
Devenpeck, Nira Apr. 2nd, 1902 John and Lizzie Devenpeck
Devenpeck, Stella Sept. 16th, 1903 John and Lizzie Devenpeck
Graham, Florance Mar. 5th, 1908 J. S. Graham
Graham, Helen Oct. 26th, 1907 C. S. and Stella Graham
Graham, John Jan. 29th, 1902 J. S. Graham
Grubbs, Althea Mar. 14th, 1907 H. M. and Anna Grubbs
Grubbs, Charles June 15th, 1903 H. M. and Anna Grubbs
Grubbs, Fay Oct. 17th, 1901 H. M. and Anna Grubbs
Grubbs, John Mar. 29th, 1910 H. M. and Anna Grubbs
Grubbs, Ora May 4th, 1905 H. M. and Anna Grubbs
Hoskinson, Walter Dec. 14th, 1897 Joe Hoskinson
Neuway, Ada Apr. 27th, 1908 George & Belle Neuway
Nueway, Leona June 30th, 1909 George & Belle Neuway
Richert, Bertina Mar. 28th, 1905 J. A. Richert
Richert, Edna May 22nd, 1908 J. A. Richert
Richert, Elizabeth Nov. 30th, 1900 J. A. Rechert
Richert, Minnie July 19th, 1898 J. A. Richert
Richert, Ruth June 23rd, 1903 J. A. Richert
Sanderson, Agnes Mar. 29th, 1905 John Sanderson
Sanderson, Inez June 26th, 1903 John Sanderson
Sanderson, Oscar May 12th, 1901 John Sanderson

* Left before end of term.

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