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Geary County Obituaries/Death Record Abstracts, Junction City Weekly Union, 1877

The abstracts below are from Junction City Weekly Union obituaries and death notices from 1877.


Sat., Jan. 6, 1877

Died on New Year's night, at 11:15 p.m., in Junction City, Phillip Donnelly. He was born Dec. 2, 1837 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Mr. Donnelly came to this city in 1866 and was married the year following. At the time of his death he was councilman from the second ward, which office he has filled several terms. He leaves a wife and four children.

Sat., Jan. 20, 1877

Died, Jan. 9, 1877 of pneumonia, William Merton, infant son of Martin and Margaret Bradford, age four months and 18 days.

James H., aged seven years, son of Private James Harn, Co. C Fifth Infantry, at Fort Riley, died on Friday last, of diptheria. This is the second death in his family within three weeks.

Died, on Friday, Jan. 12, 1877 of pneumonia, Mr. C. L. Wilkins of Riley County. The remains were interred in the Eureka cemetery. Mr. Wilkins is well known in Junction City and was highly respected for his thorough business qualities. He came from Ohion some few years ago and went into the sheep business, in which he was reasonably successful. His family have the sympathy of the community in their great bereavement.

Sat., Jan. 27, 1877

Died, Harriet, wife of Robert Berry/Barry, of Clark's creek, on New Year's morning. She was thirty-three years of age and leaves a family of seven children.

A sad accident happened about ten days ago at the creek one mile east of Fort Riley. A man by the name of John Butler was driving a four-horse team with a load of wood. In descending the hill, the chain which locked the wheel came unfastened, the horses ran and dragged the driver for several yard. He fell from the wagon and the wheels roll over him, breaking his thigh bone in several places. He was taken to the Post hospital but he died on Tuesday last and was buried the next day in Ogden.

Died, in the western part of the county, on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 31, Margaret A., wife of V. H. Hoyt, aged thirty-one years. Rev. R. P. Evans officiated at the funeral on Tuesday last.

Sat., Feb. 3, 1877

Died, in this city, on Thursday last, Mrs. Jane Golden, mother of Mrs. N. S. Gilbert. The funeral took place on Saturday last from the M.E. church, Rev. J. H. Green officiating.

Died, on the 28th day of January, 1877, of brain fever, Charles Sumner, infant son of S. W. and Annie Pierce, of this city, aged two years and three months.

Sat., Mar. 24, 1877

Died, on Saturday morning, the 17th, in this city, Leighton, second son of Rev. I. and Sarah Jacobus, aged six months and nineteen days.

MILLER (relative)
Mrs. J. Miller, of this city, has just learned of the death of her grandmother, aged one hundred years. The old lady died at Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland, in full possession of her faculties. Her great-granddaughter was married in this city not long ago.

Sat., Mar. 31, 1877

Died in this city, Tuesday, March 27th, Caroline Genevieve, the beloved wife of Charles G. Cox. The funeral service will be held from her late residence on Saturday. Boston papers, please copy.

(no deaths reported in April)

Sat., May 19, 1877

Mrs. Sarah Wiley's brother, Jack Noe, died recently at Eldorado, Clark county, Mo. His funeral was conducted by the Masonic order of that town.

Sat., May 26, 1877

Died, in this city, on Tuesday last, Benjamin Ruston, age 64 years. The deceased had been sextion of the Protestant Episcopal church for a long time, and he was buried from there after the usual services.

Sat., June 30, 1877

Died on the 22nd of June, of pneumonia, Rubina, infant daughter of William and Martha A. Lockstone, aged 10 months.

Sat., July 7, 1877

Died, in Manhattan, Kans., June 27, 1877, of consumption, Sarepta, wife of J. M. Cox, formerly of Davis county.

Died, in this city, on Thursday, the 5th of July, 1877, of pneumonia and whooping cough, A. W., child of Newton Hicks, Junction City.

William Tucker, a well-known resident of Junction City, died at his residence on Saturday last and was buried on Sunday. Tucker was 77 years of age and leaves a will bequeathing his property to his wife.

Sat., July 21, 1877

Alvin Wesley Norman, born Feb. 5, 1875, died July 18, 1877, aged 1 year, 5 months and 13 days. [note: descrepancy in the date of birth and the age at death]

Sat., Aug. 4, 1877

The father of Mrs. A. C. Stickney, of this city, Thomas Jackson, died in Leavenworth last week. He was born in Third St. James Square, Pall Mall, London, England of March 10, 1810 and came to St. Louis, Mo. at the age of nineteen, joining the 6th Regiment. He\ served in the army for almost 50 years, seeing service in the Florida, Mexican and Black Hawk wars. In 1873 he was appointed Wagon and Forage Master at Fort Leavenworth. Mr. Jackson is survived by twelve children.

Sat., Aug. 11, 1877

Died, at Wakefield, Aug. 4, Eliza, wife of George L. Pearson and youngest daughter of Mrs. James Eustace of Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England. Burial in St. John's cemetery.

Sat., Aug. 18, 1877

Former resident Daniel Mitchell died July 23rd at Prescott, Arizona. He was born Feb. 5, 1907 at Bridgewater, Mass. He was a civil engineer and came to Kansas in 1856, serving as captain of a Free State company through the years of bloodshed and troubles. He lost a son, Capt. William D. Mitchell, serving under Gen. Sherman, in the late war. Survived by his wife, son, Daniel F., and daughter, Angie.

Died, of diptheria, of Sunday, Aug. 5th, Alice Josephine, daughter of Charles H. and Josephine Trott, aged five years and twenty-six days. The funeral of little Allie Trott was largely attended on Monday evening. The service was held in the Presbyterian church.

Sat., Aug. 25, 1877

Last Saturday a number of our citizens went down to Ogden to attend the funeral of Mrs. Bridget O'Malley, mother of Mrs. C. M. Dyche, of that place. Rev. A. Carius conducted the funeral services. She died August 16th at the age of 85 years.

Sat., Sept. 8, 1877

A note from the father of Rev. T. W. Greene, formerly a Baptist preacher here and also associated with the Union as an editor, reads: "My son, Thomas, of California, died on the 22nd of August, from congestion of the heart and lungs. He died in a moment, without speaking a word to his family." Relatives include the Hon. H. M. Greene, State Senator from Douglas, and Al Greene, the celebrated journalist with the Kansas City Journal.

Sat., Sept. 15, 1877

William Breaton, yard master at the depot of the M.K. & T., died in this city last Sunday morning. He was a member of the Hornet fire company and also of the Knights of Pythias, which organizations followed his remains to the grave.

Sat., Sept. 29, 1877

Charles J. Clarke, Police Judge of this city, died Sept. 16th suddenly from injuries received by a fall from his horse at Fort Riley. He was born Sept. 26, 1855 at Fort Leavenworth to Captain C. F. and Mrs. Clarke. After the death of his father, the family came to Junction City. He attened the city schools, St. Mary's College, and the University of St. Louis, graduating in 1874. He taught school at Solomon for six months, and in 1875 entered the law office of McClure & Humphrey and last spring was elected to the office of Police Judge. He is survived by his mother and four brothers. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery of this city.

Died, in this city, on Tuesday morning, Robert, son of Robert O. and Mary Josephine Rizer, aged 6 years.

Died, at the residence of W. W. Sargent, in this city, Sunday, Sept. 23, 1877, Miss Frances Lizzie Wright, in her 22nd year.

Sat., Nov. 10, 1877

Sarah Bellamy died Nov. 2 at the poor house, where she had been an inmate for the last several years. "Grandma" Bellamy was 72 years of age, and born in England.

Sat., Nov. 24, 1877

Died, at her home, Hap-hazard Farm, Davis county, on Nov. 22, Mrs. Sarah W. Huston, widow of William P. Huston, and mother of the Huston brothers of Geraldine Ranch and Hap-hazard farm, as well as two sons who live in Kentucky, and two daughters, one of whom also lives in Kentucky; sister of Colonel J. B. Anderson and the late Rev. Dr. William C. Anderson. She was born Oct. 11, 1811 to Rev. John Anderson. Funeral today at the First Presbyterian church.

Isaac Loder died at Odgden on the 14th instant, aged 53 years.

Sat., Dec. 8, 1877

The Mrs. Creighton who recently died of consumption in Junction City was the wife of W. W. Creighton, of a daily paper in Los Angeles, and formerly city clerk of Leavenworth. She had returned to Kansas from California for her health, but lived only a few days after her arrival. She died at the residence of Jacob Brum, whose wife was an aunt of the deceased. She left with Mr. Brum a little child, daughter of her husband by a former wife. Mr. Creighton has withdrawn from the newspaper at Los Angeles and gone to Arizona, where he is in the employ of the government.

Sat., Dec. 22, 1877

Mrs. Henry Albers, of this city, who has been sick with consumption for the past two years, died last Sunday.

The wife of Henry Statz, on Lyon's creek, died last Monday.


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