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Geary County History
Township Officers of Geary County

Township Officers of Davis (Geary County), 1878

Milford--Trustee, A.F. Fazon; clerk, B. Snyder; treasurer, Jonathan Roether; justices of the peace, M. C. Linscott, J. C. Kennett; constables, O. B. Heath, Byron Badge; road overseers- first district, John Bartell; second district, D. S. Mayen; third district, A. C. Baker.

Smoky Hill--Trustee, R. E. Lawrenson; clerk, Geo. A. Taylor: treasurer, W. B. Gabby; justices of the peace, J. T. Furrow, J. O. Heston; constables, A. M. Wilson, Dustan Sands; road overseen-first district, M. S. Crook; second district, J. Furrow; third district, J. Acors; fourth district, Brough Gabby; fifth district, J. N. Sorrell; sixth district, J. B. Stewart.

Lyon--Trustee, Robt. McVay; clerk, Charles Wetsker; treasurer, Adam Beigert; Justices, Elisha Edwards, O. H. Robb; constables, C. Culver, W. A. Winans; road overseer-J. S. Coryell.

Jackson--Trustee, George Heidel; clerk, Henry Rosey; treasurer, Chas. Boger; Justices of the peace, Edward Biggs, Joseph Beavers; constables, Wm. Bradley, Noble Jennings; road overseer-first district, John Miller; second district, John Clark; third district, Gust Engstrom; fourth district ------, fifth district, William Sherraden; sixth district, Adam Singleman; seventh district, A. L. Shane; eighth district, William Raymour; ninth district, John Swanson; tenth district, S. Grant Hoyt.

Liberty--Trustee, H. C. Church; clerk, R. F. Church; treasurer, John M. Wilkerson; justices of the peace, E. R. F. Morgan, E. M. Church; constables, W. B. Church, C. J. Cook; road overseer, Hiram Church.

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