Kansas History and Heritage Project--Geary County Cemeteries

Geary County Cemeteries

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Cemetery Location Township
AlidaSec. 14Smokey Hill
BarclaySec. 27Wingfield
BarrySec. 7Milford
Branscom Removals to Milford CemeterySec. 20Milford
BriggsSec. 4Jackson
Fairview (aka Government Hill, Whiskey Point and Perry's Hill) A few burialsSec. 27Jefferson
Harloff Sec. 2Blakely
Highland Sec. 14Smokey Hill
Humboldt Creek A few burialsSec. 17Wingfield
Milford Removals from Old Milford CemeterySec. 17Milford
Moss SpringsSec. 28Liberty
Mount Zion Baptist (aka German Baptist)Sec. 31Lyon
OlsonSec. 19Liberty
QuakerSec. 31Liberty
Rosey (aka Davis Creek)Sec. 34Jefferson
Saint John's Evangelical Sec. 23Smokey Hill
Saint Joseph's (aka McDowell Creek) A Virtual Cemetery Project Photos onlineSec. 34Wingfield
Saint Mary's Partial transcriptionSec. 14Smokey Hill
Saint Paul's Lutheran (aka Clark's Creek)Sec. 22Jefferson
SalchowSec. 9Blakely
SkiddySec. 30Blakely
Upper HumboldtSec. 1Liberty
VintonSec. 35Milford
Welcome Sec. 8Liberty
WetzelSec. 4Blakely
WrefordSec. 35Lyon

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