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Ford County Directories
1884-1885 Polk's Gazetteer and Business Directory

FORD COUNTY. Situated in the southwestern portion of the State, bounded on the north by Hodgeman county, on the east by Edwards and Comanche, on the south by the Indian Territory, and on the west by Finney and Seward counties. Originally organized in 1873 it then contained but 1,080 square miles, but it was reconstructed in 1883 by the addition of all the county of Clark and half of the counties of Gray and of Meade, making its area now 3,024 square miles or 1,935,360 acres, of which about 40,000 are in cultivation. County seat, Dodge City; population, 900. Limestone and sandstone are abundant in some parts of the county, and gypsum is found. No coal, but a salt spring is worked and large quantities of salt manufactured. The surface is generally level or slightly undulating, no timber, and the land is only suited for stock raising, excepting in the neighborhood of the Arkansas river, where extensive irrigating works are being constructed, and excellent results are obtained. The only railway is the A., T. & S. F, which runs from east to west in the extreme northern part of the county, following the valley of the Arkansas river--the principal stream of the county--as far as Dodge City, thence running north. The Cimarror. river runs for a few miles through the southeastern corner. Large numbers of cattle are shipped from this county. Population June, 1883, 2,000.

DODGE CITY. An incorporated city, the county seat of Ford county (the largest organized county in the State), is located on the Arkansas river, and on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., in the central part of the county, 352 miles from Atchison, 302 from Topeka, 369 from Kansas City, and 116 east of Colorado State line. It was organized in August, 1872, and became the point from which the buffalo hunters drew their supplies, since which time the city has steadily progressed, and contains, amongst its prominent features, a brick court house, erected at a cost of $10,000. Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian and Union churches, a brick school, one of the best in the State, a bank, two weekly newspapers, the Times and the Ford County Globe. Cattle, sheep and buffalo robes are the chief shipments. Large numbers of Texas cattle, driven up through the Indian Territory, are shipped at this point. Population, 1,500. Stages daily to Camp Supply, Indian Ter., and Ft. Elliott, Texas, tri-weekly to WaKeeney, and semi-weekly via Belle Meade, Beaver, etc., to Tascosa, Texas. Tel., W. U. Exp., Wells, Fargo & Co. Mail, daily. Nipholas B. Klaine, postmaster.

Anderson George, live stock.
Anthony A J, live stock.
Arment J A, painter.
Bank of Badge City (Capital Stock, 850,000), George M Hoover Pres, Richard W Evans Cash.
Barton A H, live stock.
Beadle Mrs Ida, milliner and dressmaker.
Beeson & Harris (Gr M Beeson, Wm H Harris), Live Stock Dealers and Freighters.
Bell Hamilton B, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Live Stock Dealers and Freighters.
Berg Frederick, baker.
Bickford R & Son (Rensellaer and Wm M), Brickmkrs and Contractors.
Bond & Nixon (O A Bond, Thomas Nixon), saloon.
Borton Eugene H, Attorney-at-Law.
Bryce James H, mngr signal service and military tel U S A.
Bugbee Thomas, live stock.
Burk A S, carpenter.
Burns Robert E, Lawyer and Police Justice.
Cary Nelson, saloon.
Chouteau A S, physician.
Cockey Melchior G, physician.
Colebourn Leonard H, shoemaker.
Collar Henry, live stock.
Collar Jacob, live stock.
Collar Morris, Hardware, Crockery and Farm Implts.
Collins Rev Nathan G (Baptist).
Cook Henry V, lumber.
Cook Rufus G, justice and U S commissioner.
Cox George B, Propr Dodge House and Livery.
Cramer Luke, saloon, live stock and freighter.
Crawford James H, propr South Side hotel and grocer.
Crawford —, live stock.
Culver M S, live stock.
Culver & Romero (M S Culver, Cessimo Romero), Billiards and Saloon.
Day A J, live stock.
Deger Lawrence C, mayor.
Deinst A, supt of public instruction.
De Pui Vine, register of deeds.
Dickerson Charles, grocer.
Dodge City Bridge Co, Robert M Wright pres, George Wardman collector, bridge builders.
Dodge City Times (Weekly), Nicholas B Klaine Editor and Publr.
Dodge House, George B Cox Propr.
Driscoll J L & Son, live stock.
Dunn & Hobbs (George A Dunn, Francis M Hobbs), furniture.
Durand Francis J, jeweler.
Ehlis A L, Propr Iowa House.
Emerson Geor e S, general store.
Evans R W, County Treasurer and Banker.
Felkel Joseph, shoemaker.
Ford County Globe, Devoted to the Live Stock Interests of the West, Daniel M Frost Propr.
Fringer Herman J, druggist and judge of probate.
Frost Daniel M, propr Ford County Globe and Lawyer.
Gaede, Baker & Co, Dry Goods, Clothing, Fancy Goods, etc.
Galland Samuel, propr Great Western hotel.
Gardner Frederick, station and express agt.
Garland Edwin R, druggist.
George Rev Augustus P (Methodist).
Gluck Adolph, jewe1er.
Great Western Hotel, Samuel Galland propr.
Hallney H A, dairyman.
Hardesty R J, live stock.
Harris & Short (Wm H Harris, Luke Short), Billiard Saloon and Wholesale Liquors.
Hartman Louis C, Tobacco and Cigars and Justice.
Hinkel George T, sheriff.
Hoover George M, wh and retail liquors.
Hubbel & Gorman (Pierce R Hubbel, John W Gorman), grocers.
Iowa House, A L Ehlis Propr.
Johnson Luther E, Builder.
Jones Legrand J, carpenter.
Keith John, Carpenter, Builder and Contractor.
Klaine Nicholas B, Editor Dodge City Times, Postmaster and City Treasurer.
Koch Henry, barber.
Koch John, barber.
Koller Hiram, live stock.
Kramer Ludwig, live stock.
Langton James, live stock.
Lee Gime, laundry.
Lee W D M & Co (W M D Lee), freighters and post traders.
Lement Mrs Fannie E, milliner.
McCarthy & Milton (Thomas L McCarthy, Charles A Milton), druggists and physicians.
Marsh O & Co, (Oliver Marsh), Flouring Mill.
Martin Frederick, meat market.
Martin John S, carpenter.
Mikesell Andrew, carpenter.
Miller Charles A, Music Teacher.
Miller John, live stock.
Milton Benjamin F, principal ublic school.
Mullendore Mrs A C, dressmaker.
Muller John, live stock.
Myton H P, County Clerk.
Niess Henry P, shoemaker.
Noel Walter, barber.
Olive and Scearcy (P Olive, C J Scearcy), meat market.
O’Neil Hugh, live stock.
O’Neill James, street commissioner.
Overley Jacob C, transfer wagon.
Owen Thomas C, barber.
Perry R K, live stock.
Reudy & Smith (Albert W Reudy, Wm B Smith), proprs Union restaurant.
Reynolds & Son (Philander G and George A), stage proprs.
Rice Robert E, harnessmaker.
Rickets George, live stock.
Riney John, dairyman.
Robbins Richard R, artistic tailor, gentlemen’s youths’ and boys’ suits made to order.
Romero Cessimo, freighter.
Rowden J, Builder.
Ryan Patrick, live stock.
Schmitt Adam, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Shields Charles, hardware, stoves and tinware.
Singer Frederick, livery.
Smith W B, restaurant.
Smith Wm, saloon.
South Side Hotel, James H Crawford propr.
South Western Kansas Stock Growers’ Association, A H McCoy pres, C W Willett sec.
Straeter Walter, saloon.
Sturm Henry, Billiard Saloon and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc.
Sturm & Metcalf, Mnfrs of Soda and Mineral Water, Ginger Ale and Champagne Cider.
Sughrue & Goodman (P F Sughrue, Thomas J Goodman), Blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Sutton Michael W, lawyer and collection agent.
Swan E D, lawyer.
Telghman Wm, saloon.
Tepe George H, shoemaker.
U. S. Signal Service Office, J H Bryce manager.
Van Vorhees H B, county surveyor.
Webster A B, saloon.
Welch James, harnessmaker.
Welsh J Sumner, agent quartermasters’ department U S A.
Wenle Frederick T M, Attorney-at-Law and Insurance Agent.
Whitelaw George T, county attorney.
Whitelaw James T, lawyer.
Wingfield Z F, saloon.
Wright, Beverley & Co (Robert M Wright, Henry M Beverley), Outfitters and Dealers in Genl Merchandise.
Wright House, Wright & Covert Proprs.
Wright J H, live stock.
Wright R M, live stock.
Wright Thomas J, physician.
Wright & Beamer (Robert M Wright, Peter W Beamer), Blacksmiths.
Wright & Covert, proprs Wright House.
York, Parker, Draper, Mercantile Co, Frank B York pres, Matthew R Draper mngr, general store.
Zimmermann Fred C, general store, lumber and live stock.

FORT DODGE. A military post on the Arkansas river, 5 miles east of Dodge City. Hides and Tallow are shipped. Mail discontinued.

HOWELL. A station on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., in Ford county, 10 miles west of Dodge City, the county seat. Not a postoffice.

SPEARVILLE. A village located on the A., T. & S. F. R. R., in Spearville township, northeastern part of Ford county, 836 miles from Atchison, 286 from Topeka, 852 from Kansas City, and 16 from Dodge City, the county seat and nearest bank location. There are several church buildings and district schools. Wool, grain, live stock and produce are shipped. Population, 250. Tel., W. U. Exp., Wells, Fargo & Co. Mail, daily. George Hall, postmaster.

Bodecker G A W, hotel propr.
Clark H M, land agent, notary and justice.
Cole J W, railroad and express agent.
Doty W H H, blacksmith.
Eastman S W, grocer and dry goods.
Eaton Peter, blacksmith.
Edwards Bros & Nichols, hardware and lumber.
Ferrier L M, druggist.
Hall George, general store, hardware and farm impts.
Kline & Lovergood, meats.
Leidigh T F, general store.
Potter G W, land agent.
Schroder G, boots and shoes.

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