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The Zion Lutheran Church was first built in Olpe, Kansas. It is believed that the building was burnt down. There was never a happy relationship between the group and those in the Catholic group. The Catholic Church was the predominated church in the little community so the Lutheran Church was removed and their church built about seven miles west and two south to a rural area largely populated with people of German descent. A fine wholesome people, all owning their own farms.

It is not remembered where the early members of this church buried their people but shortly after the new church site was established they opened a burial plot in the church yard. Nettie RATHKE was the first person to be buried here in 1901. No stones marks her grave now.

The graves are seemingly lined with cement as it projects from three to four inches above the ground, at least on three sides. People are buried in rows with no regard to families being together. (This practice was changed around the 1970's) There are a few husbands and wives buried next to each other. The ground was covered with high grass making it rough work to copy the records. (The grounds are well kept today)

Until recently a parochial school was conducted in a school building next to the church. The church building burned down a few years ago and for a time the services were held in the school building. Since that date a church building, no longer in use, near the Cottonwood River some eight miles north, was purchased and moved on the site, remodeled and is now serving all purposes for the church and community members. (German) The manse is unoccupied -a minister comes in from a town nearby.

NOTE: The school house and church are no longer there and the cemetery is well kept, and still in use today. This cemetery is also known as the Rosenburg Cemetery.

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Zion Lutheran (Rosenburg) Cemetery, southwest of Olpe, KS, north of Road 50 on Road G

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