Pleasant Ridge Cemetery History, Lyon County, Kansas

also known as Waushara and Number 9 Cemetery

The Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, located 5 miles north of Admire, Kansas on Road S between Road 280 and Road 390. It is in the west side of Section 27, Township 15, Range 12, was just a stone's throw south of the old Santa Fe Trail. Not far from the early Post Office of Waushara, also near the old Number 9 school, Breckenridge County (now Lyon County), Kansas.

By the Lyon County atlas, printed in 1878, it is seen that the trail divided into two trails, beginning just east of Waushara, and running for some four miles before coming together again, the division never being more than three-fourths of a mile apart. The south branch passed the cemetery.

Mr. Lester E. BUSH , a gentleman of much interest in the early records, (son of Leonard W. BUSH who was born in Jefferson County, New York, but came to Kansas from Wisconsin with a group of people called the Wisconsin Aid Society in 1857), has told us many interesting stories of those early days along the trail. See biography of L.W. BUSH in the files of the Lyon County Historical Society.

There is not too far to the south and east, a State of Kansas and D.A.R. Marker on the site of the "Old Mail Station".

George W. BURNS is more than likely buried here, although no stones stands as a memorial. His family is recorded as being buried in this cemetery. Mr. BURNS was born in Kenebe County, Maine. His coming to Lyon County was in 1858, as was that of J. G. W. STINSON . Mr. STINSON born in Trumbull County, Ohio. The J.G.W. STINSON home was a mile to the south of the cemetery. Other land owners in the neighborhood were: B.J. DUNMIRE, J. WHEAT, J.C.F. ROBERTS , G.W. BURNS , B.M. ODELL , T.O. HILL , E.F. LEEPER , J.E. LEEPER , S. PERKINS , G.Z. WORK , A. CORBIN , A.S. KIMBALL and P.B. PLUMB . Mr. PLUMB was one of the founders of Emporia in 1857, later a United States Senator from Kansas.

The cemetery is owned by the Association. Mr. BUSH who even at age ninety was most interested in keeping the grounds in shape would be pleased to see that it is still kept up today.

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