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The cemetery is located north of 15th Avenue between Lincoln and Prairie Streets in Emporia, Kansas, Range 11, Township 19, Section 4. The beginning of a history of Maplewood Cemetery is the early history of the Odd Fellows Lodge in Emporia.

The Original Chapter of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, then known as the Union Lodge No. 10 was organized in Emporia March 16, 1859, just two years before the Civil War and two years after the town of Emporia was laid out. The charter members were Robert LOGAN , E.P. HADLEY , Michael FISHER , John W. WEAVER , Charles HOSALER , Joseph RICKABAUGH , Thomas P. HALL , F.W. FINK , and Joseph HALL .

The purpose of the lodge was visiting the sick, relieving the distressed, burying the dead, and educating the orphans. These works of charity the members faithfully carried on.

In the early records of the lodge is was stated that a committee from their group and the Masonic Order were chosen to investigate tracts of land suitable for a burying ground. This committee, consisting of John W. WEAVER , P.B. PLUMB , and Joseph RICKABAUGH , reported on May 30, 1860, that the most desirable plot for burial purposes was the twenty acres northwest of town, in the SW quarter of Section 4, Township 19, Range 10 owned by Mr. WEAVER . The price of the land was $5.00 an acre. It was further stated that the east half of the ground was found to be worth more than the west half, as it lay more smoothly, so the spokesman for the Odd Fellows readily consented to pay $60.00 for the better land, as they felt it would be of greater benefit to their lodge. The Masons took the west half which is gulled and the ravines are deep.

In 1862 the members of IOOF Lodge #10 went into war service and the charter of their lodge together with their chapter possessions were surrendered to the Grand Lodge. On July 14, 1865, Union Lodge #10 was organized, and this new order immediately made arrangements to take over the burial ground previously owned by Lodge #10. They bargained to pay the Grand Lodge $100.00 for it, but had difficulty in raising the money, so later part of this sum was forgiven them. About four years later steps were taken to improve the land and sell the lots that were being laid out. F.W. FIRTH , W. RYNO and T.E. BOGGS comprised the committee on improvements. BOGGS was appointed to sell lots. On September 28, 1869, the burial ground was named Maplewood Cemetery. The first entry made on the expense account sheet was on August 10, 1869. On December 18th of that year on half of Lot 52 Block 2 was sold to Richard DUNN for $5.00. No record was made of any burial on this lot. The deed for the cemetery was received from the Grand Lodge December 21, 1869. In 1870 the west half of Block 9 was set aside for a "Potters Field", and the files in the office of the Association list over 600 names of people buried in that section. For these no stones mark the graves.

August 2, 1870 seemed to have a day of selling of many lots. Those purchasing were: Louisa SPENCER , I.E. PERLEY , C.H. LYON , W.T. SODEN , Hiram CONNER , J.L. WILLIAMS , John BAY , Joseph RICKABAUGH , H.V. BURNDRUM and Mr. COATES .

Maplewood Cemetery is now jointed with Memorial Lawn Cemetery and are under private ownership. There is an office on the grounds and records are well kept. They have been most helpful in suppling information to those who have family buried in the both cemeteries. Maplewood is the older cemetery with an old soldiers plot "soldiers acre", where many veterans of the Civil are buried.

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This is the old entrance to Maplewood Cemetery, not far from the office.

Maplewood & Memorial Lawn Cemeteries
2000 Prairie St.
Emporia, KS 66801
Phone: 620-342-8317

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