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Fruitland Cemetery is situated next to a now unused school house by the same name, some four miles straight west of Americus, Kansas. {Section 5, Township 18, Range 10, on the north side of Road 240, east of Road B} (NOTE: school house was there at the time of this writing may not be there today {June 2000})

We have found but little record of the plot other than what is written on the stones therein. The inscription on one tombstone reads "Mary E. MARTIN , Farewell Mother, she donated this cemetery in 1868 Born Feb. 28, 1845 Died May 13, 1875".

The first years represented on these records seem to show the first burial with erected marker, to be of Henry YEAKLEY , a child, in 1872, and Emily HUNT who died in 1873.

Many Quaker families are buried here, we are familiar with their names and the marking of dates as in their manner of speaking of dates as the 8th day of the 8th month in 1857 - the 21st day of the 6th month, year 1931.

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