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The names of FOWLER and HUNT spell early settlers in the Cottonwood Valley, together with the names of WILHITE, WHILHELM, AMES, GUNKLE, and BRENDEL .

John FOWLER came to the Cottonwood Community in 1855, with his wonderful family from North Carolina and Indiana. The story of a "White Slave", by W. T. DUNGAN published in 1906 tells the story of John, his wife Milly GLASS , and the fifteen children all of whom grew to adulthood. Their names were: Sally, Frankie, Ann, Harvey, Elvis, William, Malinda, Levi, Jane, Darris, Eli, Nancy, Ironton, Ruffin, Allison, and Lethia.

There were other important settlers, just to name a two that still have many descendants still living in the Lyon County area are: T. L. WHILHELM with a family of eight children came for Ohio, and Fredrick BRENDEL who was the grandfather of Lyon County, Kansas' historian, Laura FRENCH

 Joel HUNT , for whom the first one-acre cemetery was named, was a farmer. Jesse HUNT was his son, and William was the son of Jesse. The widow of William is a daughter of Harvey FOWLER . It was later that Harvey, Ruffin and Eli FOWLER purchased the two acres adjoining the HUNT acre.

One of the earliest tombstones is that of Mary, Daughter of G.W. SMITH , who died at the age of 2 years and 6 months, April 1861.

The cemetery is well kept, and still in use today.

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