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To quote from a letter written to Lucina JONES by Mrs. Arichie (Mildred B.) HUNTER dated February 21, 1933, "This cemetery (down south from us) has always been called Forest Hill cemetery. But, I noticed the other day that the cemetery on 6th Avenue {just where Badger Creek crosses 6th} was called Forest Hill Cemetery. This may cause some confusion."

"The date oldest so far as the stones show (many of the stones have fallen and disintegrated) is 'David A. son of W. F. and S. J. HANCOCK , died April 3, 1856, 1 month and 23 days old.' I took another one to make sure I hadn't read the first one incorrectly. The second oldest so far as I can find is Margaret GREEN , who died March 1, 1858 at the age of 19 years and 10 months. She, by the way, was the wife of the man, from whom the HUNTER'S bought the claim to this farm. She and her husband started to build a little log cabin under the big cottonwood that now stands in our yard." - end quote from letter.

The other Forest Hill Cemetery mentioned by Mrs. HUNTER , is now called Badger Creek - Stevenson Cemetery. They are not far from each other, and both seemed to have started as private burial grounds, then extended to neighbors.

Time and the elements are taking a toll on this cemetery. One problem with the cemetery is that it is very close to the creek, and is sometimes flooded.

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