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Dickinson Co., KS AHGP-1893 Deaths

1893 Death Records
Dickinson Co., Kansas

Below are death records from old ledgers at the Dickinson Co. Court House, from the year 1893.

Burrough, infant 2m 11/27/1892 Abilene
Hill, M. J. 43y 1/4/1893 Heart disease Chapman
Shook, Ralphie 4y 1/25/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Shook, Henriette 6y 1/18/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Mahoney, Mrs. 75y 1/25/1893 Cattarhal fever Sutphen Mills
Cunningham, Fred 28y 2/?/1893 Pneumonia Abilene
Shook, Eddie 8y 2/2/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Brounagh., not given 8y 2/3/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Heoman, Jack 11m 2/10/1893 Tuberculosis Abilene
Walter, Charlotte 4y 2/18/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Ebersole, Katie Flora 37y 2/4/1893 Puerperal fever Enterprise
Shatto, Melvina 36y4m3d 2/19/1893 Pneumonia Newbern Twp.
Hickey, Joannah 25y 3/6/1893 Pneumonia Noble Twp.
Rigers, R. A. 40y 3/16/1893 Morphine poisoning Solomon
Thayer, Mrs. Hiram 35y 11/6/1892 Consumption Solomon
Kinfinger, Mrs. 43y 11/10/1893 Hemorrhage of lungs Solomon
Sorber, Georgina 6y 12/27/1892 Children's complaint Manchester
Blackrel, A. L. F. 33y 1/3/1893 Consumption Abilene
Rees, May 2y 1/7/1893 Croup Cheever Twp.
Jilley, Philip 70y 1/8/1893 Pneumonia Pneumonia
Mahoney, Mary 80y 1/8/1893 N/G N/G
Tower, J. H. 90y 1/9/1893 Old age Abilene
Curry, Martin 78y 1/14/1893 Old age Abilene
Porter, Henrietta 35y 1/15/1893 Throat trouble Abilene
Parks, Emma 5y 1/26/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Walters, Samuel 44y 1/26/1893 Ruptured blood vessel Hayes Twp.
Drain, William 40y 1/26/1893 Suicide Chapman
Shook, Edward Cleveland 8y 1/26/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Bronaugh, John Henry 7y 2/3/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Marlin, Magiie 8y 2/3/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Herman, Frank C. 8y 2/9/1893 Bowel trouble Abilene
Rothenberger, Birdie 23y 2/8/1893 N/G Jefferson Twp.
Cunningham, F. E. 23y 2/11/1893 Lung fever Abilene
Walters, Charity 6y 2/18/1893 Diptheria Abilene
Wirtenberger, Lydia 63y 2/20/1893 Liver disease Center Twp.
Lucas, Johanna 85y 2/20/1893 Old age Drakeville
Nixon, infant stillborn 2/21/1893 Stillborn Abilene
Werner, Maggie 83y 2/22/1893 Old age Abilene
Nicholae, Mrs. 54y 3/2/1893 Paralysis Abilene
McMahan, Mrs. 35y 3/3/1893 Puerperal fever Niles
McNerra, Susan 19y 3/8/1893 Spinal disease Chaintown
Timm, Henry 7y 3/9/1893 Scarlet fever Logan Twp.
Wingard, male 1y 3/9/1893 Lung fever Cheever Twp.
Deemey, Mr.  43y 3/11/1893 Internal injury Manchester
Wayet, Oscar 16y 3/19/1893 Obstruction of bowels Abilene
Bear/Baer, Abrahm 65y 3/26/1893 Heart disease Buckeye
Philips, Mary L. 38y 3/25/1893 Tremors Abilene
Shupe, Estella Pearl 8y 10/30/1892 Malaria Lost Spring
Lockhart, not given N/G 10/27/1892 Children's complaint Solomon
Elberts, female 2y 2/26/1893 Catarrhal pneumonia Hope Twp.
Shields, male 2y 3/23/1892 Struck by falling door Marion Co.
Graybill, John 79y 4/2/1892 Pyemia usule of renal bladder Hope Twp.
Pitts, W. B. 65y 4/21/1893 Cancer Abilene
Wikel, A. J. F. 38y 1/3/1893 Consumption Abilene
Phillips, Anna 38y 3/25/1893 Shock following operation Abilene
Bashore, female 26y 3/9/1893 Pathological disease Abilene
Schick, Mary  18y 4/30/1893 Puerperal fever Herington
Poerich, Henry 26y 4/28/1893 Skull fracture-thrown from horse Herington
Puckel, Mildred 4y 4/30/1893 Measles Solomon
Crumm, Clara B. 20y8m 3/15/1892 Miscarriage/La Grippe Fragrant Hill Twp.
Hawks, Lou 28y 4/2/1893 Shock following operation Abilene
Wolverton, David 46y 4/8/1893 Pulmonary consumption Abilene
Witt, Anna May 24y 4/26/1893 Consumption Enterprise
Widder, Mrs. J. 46y 4/28/1893 Typhoid fever Enterprise
Forslund, Christena 25y not given Tuberculosis Enterprise
Ginder, Mrs. Seth 26y 4/6/1893 Puerperal fever Abilene
Johnson, infant male N/G not given Congestion of brain Enterprise
Adaire, James E. 72y 5/6/1893 Bright's disease Enterprise
Eyster, George 87y 4/16/1893 Gastric catarrh Newbern Twp.
Keoch, William 72y April 1893 Senile debility Abilene
Carroll, female 3hr 5/5/1893 Inanition Chapman
Hardman, Ralph 4y 4/22/1893 Scarlet fever Herington
Harding, Ray 2y 5/6/1893 Capillary bronchitis Herington
Langton, Grace 16y 5/3/1893 Tonsillitis Herington
Mosier, Abraham 3y 3/4/1893 Meningitis Herington
Deamy, Daniel 42y 2/17/1893 Tuberculosis Manchester
Sorber, infant female N/G 1/26/1893 Croupous pneumonia Manchester
Kauffman, Franklin G. 40y 4/7/1893 Unknown--found dead Enterprise
Reed, Lewis A. 52y 5/13/1893 Croupous pneumonia Abilene
Walburn, female 6m 5/3/1893 Measles Solomon
Smith, male 2.5m 5/1/1893 inflammation of bowels Solomon
Shusley, Mattie 22y 5/12/1893 Childbirth Solomon
Yost, Carol (male) 6y 5/2/1893 Scarlatina Herington
Derr, Mrs. Nola 21y 5/30/1893 Double pneumonia Herington
Mullaley, Mary 33y 6/30/1893 Peritonitis of bowels Solomon
McBeth, James 5y 6/27/1893 Accident Longford
Bradley, George A. N/G 6/20/1893 Premature birth Abilene
Jacoby, Mrs. M. J. 56y 6/3/1893 Paralysis Abilene
Knight, Ben 16y 5/8/1893 Tuberculosis Chapman
McCloud, Mrs. Frank 23y 4/7/1893 Childbirth Sherman Twp.
Witt, Mrs. Margaret 48y 5/28/1893 Ulceration of bowels Abilene
Anderson, Mrs. E. 68y 4/23/1893 Heart disease Abilene
Hartman, Lillie May 2m2d 4/19/1893 Lung fever Jefferson Twp.
Reech, James 73y 4/30/1893 Old age Newbern Twp.
Kehler, Jacob 75y 4/30/1893 N/G Abilene
Klosch, Anna 27y 5/6/1893 Suicide Newbern Twp.
Lank, Rilla 23y 5/3/1893 N/G Newbern Twp.
Bell, Elizabeth 39y 5/12/1893 Typhoid fever Lincoln Twp.
Carrithers, Lillie 24y 5/17/1893 Bloody ------ Abilene
Rees, Charity 35y 6/9/1893 Heart disease Flora Twp
Burns, ------ 84y 6/9/1893 Old age Manchester
Reine, Elizabeth 53y 4/7/1893 Hay fever Center Twp.
Teater, Maude 1y2m 6/20/1893 Spasms Cheever Twp.
Cunningham, female 1m 4/5/1893 Croup Chapman
Sheets, Mrs. Lillian N/G 6/3/1893 Consumption N/G
Sheets, infant N/G 5/3/1893 Stillborn N/G
Schooley, Mrs. John N/G 5/12/1893 Childbirth Solomon
Walburn,  infant 6m 5/3/1893 Measles Solomon
Smith, Oliver 6m 5/2/1893 Dysentery Solomon
Warner, Raymond 8y 4/9/1893 Pneumonia Niles
Dalstrom, Mrs. O. E. 58y 5/17/1893 N/G Enterprise
Sturn, Lena 15y 5/29/1893 N/G Enterprise
Van Ordstrand, Mrs. 87y 5/30/1893 Dropsy Enterprise
Hastings, male 21d not given Congestion of brain Detroit
Hymes, male 2y 6/7/1893 Spinal meningitis Enterprise
Summers, Edward N/G 6/14/1893 N/G Navarre
Smith, infant 2m 6/17/1893 N/G Woodbine
Quigg, Edward 28y 6/1/1893 N/G Hope  
Harris, Rosa 2y5m 2/20/1893 Enteritis Enterprise
Lorane, Henry 1d 2/13/1893 Lung trouble Union Twp.
Swank, Laurence 56y 5/26/1893 Strong drink Herington
Frink, Mina 1y6m 6/7/1893 Croup Herington
Matin, M. E. (female) 21y 9/14/1893 Typhoid   Lost Spring
Birkmore, Mrs. T. 42y 7/8/1893 inflammation of bowels Herington
Jutler, James 21y 4/3/1893 Pneumonia Diamond Springs
Anderson, Mrs. Carl 41y not given N/G N/G
Brown, Mrs. 68y 7/27/1893 N/G Detroit
Clay, Henry 8y6m 7/29/1893 N/G Detroit
Nezby, Vianna 50y 7/19/1893 Heart disease Abilene
Freeman, female 1y8m 7/29/1893 Dysentery Abilene
Pleiser, Mrs. Ely 52y 7/19/1893 Pulmonary consumption Abilene
Hogan, John 32y 7/30/1893 Tuberculosis Abilene
Scanlan, female 6y11m2d not given Inanition Chapman
Sanborn, Mary 30y not given Shock following operation Chapman
Condon, Charles N/G 7/17/1893 Aural abcess Herington
Holmes, Clara 6m 12/3/1892 Acute laryngitis Fragrant Hill Twp.
Crowley, Mrs. John 45y 5/6/1893 Puerperal fever Chapman
Cunningham, female 1m 4/5/1893 Cerebral hyperaneamia Chapman
Brown, Rachel N/G 7/28/1893 N/G Abilene
Wallaby, Mrs. 30y 8/1/1893 N/G Solomon
VanScoy/Vanscoyoc, Mrs D. J..  73y 7/23/1893 Consumption Solomon
Hartmann, female 9m 4/19/1893 Pneumonia Banner Twp.
Nies, Henry 31y 5/11/1893 Tuberculosis Ridge Twp.
Cay, M. H. 8y 7/29/1893 Bilious intermittant fever Detroit
Hershey, Harvey J. 33y 4/5/1893 Typhoid NW of Abilene
Webb, Goldie May 1m 9/6/1893 Typhoid Willowdale Twp.
Klaus, William 39y 8/23/1893 Consumption Enterprise
Judy/Judah, Laura 26y 8/20/1893 Obstruction of bowels Carlton
Kampf, William 35y 8/24/1893 Typhoid-malarial fever Woodbine
Ferry, Ida 24y 8/24/1893 Ulcerated stomach Herington
Wilson, J. 2y 8/27/1893 Hydrocephalus Abilene
Love, Argonia 2y 8/15/1893 Whooping cough Abilene
Palm, Catharina 78y 8/19/1893 Phtheris pulmonatis Abilene
Timm, Edward 2m 9/11/1893 Meningitis Woodbine
???, Loretta  N/G 8/3/1893 Peritonitis    Abilene
Junse, Mary 18y not given Phtheris pulmonatis Enterprise
Early, Mrs. 56y 9/4/1893 Ascetis Enterprise
Stoddard, May 23y 9/1/1893 Septic degeneration of spleen Abilene
Neil, Emma 22y 9/20/1893 Typhoid Solomon
Neil, George 8m 9/28/1893 Cholera Solomon
Minick, Mrs. Peter 56y 9/7/1893 Valvular heart disease & uraemia Cheever Twp.
Phillips, Maggie 13y 9/8/1893 Nephritis Abilene
Holter, Mrs. 63y 8/12/1893 Bright's disease Dillon
Mulkey, female 18m 8/4/1893 Cholera infantum Hope
Rhinehart, John 26y 10/20/1893 Tuberculosis County Poor Farm
Beardsley, Frances M. 23y 10/23/1893 Peritonitis Herington
Shane, N. 79y 8/31/1893 Old age Abilene
Alexander, Dorsey 30y 10/26/1893 Typhoid Herington
Schmitz, Frank M. 3y 10/28/1893 Enteric fever Woodbine
Streby, Angeline 60y 11/17/1893 Pneumonia Herington
Boyd, H. E. 18m 11/19/1893 Phrenitis Abilene
Waring, J. P. 23y 11/24/1893 Typhois fever Herington
Middleton, Minnie 19y 10/6/1893 N/G Abilene
McCollum, infant male N/G 11/16/1893 Membraneous croup Abilene
Purpin, Nellie 6m 11/11/1893 Membraneous croup Abilene
Pherson, John 58y 11/18/1893 Perforation of gut--horse kick Abilene
Tullis, Masry E. 67y 10/25/1893 Pneumonia Solomon
Teid, Elizabeth 65y 11/5/1893 Pneumonia Solomon
Meister, male 4y 6/17/1893 Malarial fever Dickinson Co.
Smith, J. P. 40y 11/12/1893 Paralysis Abilene
Newcomer, Frank O. 19y 12/8/1893 Gun shot wound Enterprise
Townsend, Lizzie 19y 12/5/1893 Hemorrhagal intermittant fever Abilene
Landis, female 3y not given Membraneous croup Abilene
Kauffman, Phi. 6y not given Chronic catarrh Abilene
Rolleson, Mrs. 58y 12/19/1893 12/19/1893 Ulcers in brain Abilene
Ginder, female 3m not given Jaundice Buckeye
Mullen, Mrs. Jane 62y 11/24/1893 Pneumonia Willowdale Twp.
Dyer, not given 82y 11/22/1893 Cancer Abilene
Dresser, Mrs. Abbie 51y 12/9/1893 Heart failure Solomon
Carter, Francis 69y 12/3/1893 Obstruction of bowels Solomon
Smith, female 18m 11/12/1893 Cyanosis Abilene
Bentzel, Ida Viola Rosabel 8m 10/3/1893 Pneumonia Abilene
Callister, E. (female) 16y 12/1/1893 Peritonitis Chapman
Phillips, Mrs. Ernest 29y 8/24/1893 Puerperal fever Chapman
Phillips, female 1m 10/2/1893 Cerebral hyperanaemia Chapman
Carpenter, Mrs. B. 23y 8/31/1893 Enteric fever Chapman
Crowley, female 4m 8/28/1893 Marasmus Chapman
Huston, Philip N/G 12/16/1893 N/G Herington
Fritz, Charles 61y 1/1/1894 Bright's disease Hope
Yokum/Yorham, Sam 108y6m 12/22/1893 Senile gangrene N/G

(c) Sheryl McClure for Dickinson Co. KS AHGP