Dickinson County Cemeteries

Cemeteries of Dickinson County

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Cemetery   Town  Township
Abilene  Recent burials
Sec. 30 - A Virtual Cemetery Project
Sec. 9Grant
Alida Zion EvangelicalSec. 22Fragrant Hill
AshtonSec. 8Hope
Banner (aka Elmo) A Virtual Cemetery ProjectSec. 5Banner
Belle Spring  Transcription this site Sec. 31Logan
Bethel Transcription this siteSec. 21Hayes
BethlehemSec. 23Center
Buckeye (aka Dunkard) Transcription this site Sec. 35Cheever
Chalker Sinclair  Transcription this site Sec. 36Hope
College HillSec. 35Banner
DetroitSec. 8Center
Ebenezer Baptist Transcription this siteSec. 11Jefferson
FairviewSec. 13Wheatland
FarmingtonSec. 2Newbern
Freeman/Sutpen Mill Transcription this siteSec. 6Noble
First Baptist aka German Baptist Transcription this site Sec. 13Banner
Good Hope  Two burialsSec. 4Noble
Green LawnSec. 34Garfield
Greenridge TranscriptionSec. 6Sherman
Harmony A Virtual Cemetery ProjectSec. 25Garfield
Henry (AKA Cheever) Transcription this site Sec. 22Cheever
HopeSec. 2Hope
Indian Hill Partial transcriptionSec. 31Noble
JonesSec. 27Sherman
Keystone Partial transcriptionSec. 2Flora
Liberty A Virtual Cemetery ProjectSec. 18Fragrant Hill
Lyons Creek South Baptist Transcription this siteSec. 11Union
Mount Calvary A Virtual Cemetery Project Sec. 21Banner
Mount HopeSec. 29Center
Navarre A Virtual Cemetery ProjectSec. 33Logan
New BaselSec. 10Jefferson
NewbernSec. 19Newbern
Pilgrim's Home Transcription this siteSec. 22Ridge
Pleasant HillSec. 27Center
Prairie MoundSec. 17Lincoln
Prairiedale   Partial TranscriptionSec. 36Flora
RiffelSec. 19Liberty
Rinehart (aka Hiawatha)Sec. 21Rinehart
Rosebank  Transcription this siteSec. 27Hope
St. John'sSec. 24Lyon
St. Joseph A few burialsSec. 9Grant
St. Patrick'sSec. 29Noble
St. PaulSec. 22Union
St. Phillip'sSec. 12Hope
ScheillerSec. 4Logan
Sunset Hill  Recent burials Sec. 31Lyon
Union Partial TranscriptionSec. 10Buckeye
White Cloud   Transcription this siteSec. 19Flora
Woodbine   Transcription this siteSec. 35Liberty
WoodlawnSec. 20Holland
ZionSec. 4Buckeye