Teachers of Decatur County 1934-1935

 Decatur County Teachers

Rural Teachers    
District # School Teacher Address
3 Elmwood Louise Anderson Dresden
4 Vallonia Bernice Hanchett Norcatur
5 Bassettville Ennis Meyers Selden
7 Bethel Mary Preston Oberlin
8 Hawkeye Dorothy Short Rexford
9 Hooker Verna Pierce Oberlin
10 Green Valley Evelyn Silvers Herndon
11 Beaver Valley Jessie Lincoln Cedar Bluffs
12 Star Frances David Danbury, NE
13 Prairie Temple Edna Borthwick Selden
17 Fairview Dorothy Johnson Oberlin
19 Valley View Carl Wesch Cedar Bluffs
20 West Liberty Clifford Blickenstaff Oberlin
21 Spring Branch Lois Eckhart Norcatur
23 Center Pearl Alexander Norcatur
24 South Bethel Rosie Flaska Oberlin
25 Victory Gladys Smith Oberlin
28 Addleman Rex Nicodemus Oberlin
29 Blue Star Mrs. Jennie Miller Norcatur
31 Plainview Ruth Nicodemus Oberlin
32 Decatur Velda Blickenstaff Danbury, NE
33 Jackson Reta Rees Jennings
34 North Valley Fausta Vernon Dresden
35 O'Toole Eunice Simpson Oberlin
36 Cliffdale Birdie Marcuson Oberlin
37 Mt. Pleasant Mabel Bickett Oberlin
39 Lonely Valley R. Leigh Bell Traer
40 Locust Grove Dorothea Warner Lebanon, NE
42 Swede Home Sarah Wolley Oberlin
43 Sunny Side Cleo Corcoran Oberlin
46 Prairie Hill Ethel Clark Norcatur
47 Forty Seven Muriel Barrett Oberlin
49 Mt. Pleasant Helen Folson Oberlin
50 Belleview Ottie M. Clark Selden
51 Olive Union Alice Rheam Oberlin
52 Summitt Dale Johnson Oberlin
53 Welsh Ethel Martin Selden
55 Hillsdale Vera Landau Oberlin
57 Walnut Grove Bertha Olson Oberlin
60 Prairie View Myra Shine Oberlin
62 Lyle Agnes Bailey Norcatur
63 Mt. Vernon Eilene Brooks Norcatur
65 Jolly Hill Isabelle Chambers Norcatur
67 Pleasant View Emery Johnson Norcatur
69 Lone Star Lawrence Fink Clayton
72 Prairie View Letha Cook Dresden
74 Lone Star Florence Wolfram Herndon
75 McSwan Norman Law Dresden
77 Fairview Ethel Vernon Dresden
79 Rock Island Lois Matousek Jennings
80 Excelsior Lanissa David Dresden
83 Prairie View Dale Leichilter Clayton
84 East Liberty LeOra Rosner Oberlin
86 Lone Star Fern Fraker Oberlin
87 Logan Edith Anderson Oberlin
89 Prairie Bell Carol Leichliter Oberlin
91 Vickers Iris Moore Selden
93 Rocky Mountain Lola Skinner Norcatur
94 Mt. Center Lenna Watkins Oberlin
97 Gallentine Ivy Thieson Oberlin
98 Fairview Pauline Betty Cedar Bluffs
99 Morning Star Mary Urban Norcatur
100 Ratsliff Emma Blickenstaff Selden
102 Shawl Helen Anderson Dresden
103 College Hill Dale Fisher Oberlin
104 Sherman Center Lucille Unger Oberlin
106 Hilltop Willie Cook Lebanon, NE
109 Custer Nellie Hoppes Oberlin
110 Necessity Fay Shirley Norcatur
1DS Glen Valley Lena Schmitt Jennings
3DS Allison Neta Tritt Jennings
L.P. St. John's Erna Hillmer Oberlin
High School Teachers of Decatur County
Oberlin City School District #1
Chas. E. Hawkes William Huey  
Russell Anderson Ralph Martin  
Martha Douglas Goldie Proffitt  
Ruth Elvin Paul Sandy  
Florence Harold Elizabeth Webber  
Bert Hostinsky Thue Jorgensen  
Sherman Howard Mary Higden  
Donald Johnson    
Jennings Consolidate District #18  
R. A. Postma    
Carl Firebaugh    
Alma Carlton    
Eloise Bloom    
Maurine Shimmick    
Bert Lane    
Bessie Hill    
Norcatur Rural District #4 D. N.  
C. L. Godwin    
Minnie Neighbors    
Esther Stelson    
Joseph Wilmore    
Owen Seagondollar    
Dresden Consolidated District #101  
W. S. Ewer    
Lenora Johnson    
Traer Public District #14    
R. W. Eakins    
Grade Teachers of Decatur County  
Oberlin City School District #1  
Ira Laidig   Helen Johnson  
E. R. Hitchcock Delia Hudson  
Elizabeth Holloran Eunice Blickenstaff  
Gladys Wiruth Marie Reed  
Mayo G. Banta Bernice Myers  
Ruby Ridgway Dorothy Diehl  
Edith Herzog    
Norcatur Grade District #2 D. N.  
Varrian Tritt    
Laura Oplinger    
Chester Tolle    
Nellie Gallentine    
Wilma Hampton    
Jennings Consolidated District #18  
Ruby Harris    
Cora Sears    
Mildred Allen    
Audra McLeod    
Dresden Consolidated District #101  
W. W. McDonald    
Malinda Godfrey    
Golden Hicks    
Traer Grade School District #14  
Elmer Carlson    
Lucille Torluemke    
Clara Portschi    
Kanona Grade School District #68  
Edith Cilek    
Mildred Southard    
Cedar Bluffs Grade District #30  
J. D. Bell      
Maretta Bush    
Leoville Grade District U.G. #1  
Sr. Madeleva    
Sr.Agnes Loretta    
Sr. M. Theodora    


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