Grade School at Kanona

Kanona Schools

Taken in part from 
The History of the School Districts of 
Decatur County, Kansas
compiled and completed
by Katie B. Cornell, July

District 68 was formed on March 1, 1886.  The first school building was a one room frame building.  With one teacher and quite a number of pupils enrolled.  The second building was a two room brick construction with full basement built in 1921.  The basement being used for all town gatherings.  In 1940 is was a nine month term, with two teachers and 34 pupils.  It had a fairly large library, used by pupils and patrons alike.


Grade School at Kanona, Ks.  1906

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Dr. Byron Babb Estate 8-21-1987

Grade School at Kanona Ks.  1906
Guy Whitney teacher

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Kanona City School House

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School Year 1908 or 1909

Teacher: Belle Venrick  Students include:  Walker Hughes, Frank Janousek, Dean Soderlund, Ray Vernon, Paul Morris, Willie Soderlund, Glenn Cody, Loyd Morris, Anthony Janousek, Bessie Soderlund, Walter Soderlund, Mildred Gilbert, Martin Miller, Susie Soderlund, Verna Morris, Netta Miller, Arthur Hanson, ? Alexander, Merle Cody, Norma Ruby, ? Gilbert, Clara Hanson, Belle Ruby, Verna Soderlund, Alta Miller, Bertha Hanson, Elsie Vernon, Ellen Hanson, Trudy McNeal, ? Janousek, Grace McNeal, ? Janousek, Etta Bailey, Vada Vernon, Maggie Vernon, Esther Hanson, Howard Hanson

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