Rose Hill School #106

Rose Hill School District 106

Norton County

On June 3, 1889 a bond election was held in school district #106 of Norton County, for the purpose of deciding on a school house at Rose Hill.

The Judges were C. F. Oathout, F. H. Roe, and John Henkle, and the clerks were S. H. Betts and A. D. Kint.  There were forty votes cast, 21 voted in favor of building a school house and 11 voted against it.

The building was constructed on a plot of ground which was donated by W. B. Roe, with S. W. Betts and George Bishop as the carpenters.  Upon completion of the building, Joseph Deeter, salesman for a School and church furniture company sold them $83 worth of furniture to equip the schoolhouse with desks and other equipment needed.  This bill was to be paid for within two years from the date of shipment.

The final term of school was held in 1945-1946 and the building was sold.  During it's 57 years as a school it was not only used as a house of education, but as a general meeting place for the community for whatever need arose.  

Over the 57 year period that Rose Hill was an active school, there were of course many who acted as members of the school board.  However it is interesting to note that the records show that S.W. Betts who was director of the board in 1889, it's first year was an uncle of W. H. Roe who was director of the board in 1946, it's last year. and that John Henkle, treasurer of the board it's first year was the grandfather of Wm E. Roe who was treasurer it's last year.  

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