District No. 42

District No. 42

Swede Home School

Taken in part from 

The History of the School Districts of 
Decatur County, Kansas
compiled and completed
by Katie B. Cornell, July

District #42 was formed December 1, 1884.  The school was located on Section 33, Township 4, Range 29.  The school was given the name of Swede Home, being located in a neighborhood of people of Swedish nationality.

The first school house was a one room sod building.  It was built on the wide plains of Kansas.  Children had quite a long walk to school.  

In 1892 the district built a one room frame building.  The library was started in 1910 and baseball was the schools main activity.

Students include:  ? Johnson, ? Olson, Albert Dwight, ? Nelson, ? Peterson, ? Forsman, ? Johnson, Esther Lundquist, Mamie Alstrom, ? Forsman, Amy Phillips, Hulda Anderson, ? Oberg, Mollie Alstrom, Hjalmer Alstrom, Victor Anderson, Eugene Rydquist, Esther Nelson, Erhard Anderson, ? Rydquist, Emma Nelson, Hilda Marcuson, Ellen Marcuson, ? Anderson, Lydia Forsman, ? Anderson, ? ?, Albert Marcuson, Hulda Forsman, Adolph Nelson, John Sall, Edith Sall, Amelia Johnson, Ruth Rydquist, Mamie Lundquist, Bernice Johnson
Sitting:  Rudolph Anderson, Ewald Rydquist, Ehard Rydquist, Walter Alstrom, Leonard Forsman, David Forsman, Walter Forsman, Oscar Lundquist, Enoch Anderson

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