District No. 32

District No. 32


Taken in part from 

The History of the School Districts of 
Decatur County, Kansas
compiled and completed
by Katie B. Cornell, July

School District 32 was formed February 5, 1881.  The first district meeting was held March 10, 1881 and the first school district officers were elected.  The school is know as Decatur named after the county, which derived its name at the suggestion of Capt. Wm. Decatur Covington.

The first school house was a one room frame building built in 1881.  With  maintenance to it each year it has served the district well all these years.  It has a well and pump which furnishes drinking water for the school. 

These memoirs are from the Marian Cathcart collection.

School Year 1913
Teacher: Chalmer Harger

Back Row:  ? Decker, Marian Cathcart, Bessie Coulter Cathcart, Chalmer Harger (Teacher), Shirley Cathcart, Lester Coulter, Paul Bradley

Front Row: Josie Decker, Zenis Decker, Erma Decker Roe, Vena Smith Bogart, Thelma Smith Wolf.

School Year 1911-1912
Teacher: Hattie Playford

Front Row: Cecil Wolf, Thelma Smith Wolf, Lillian Simonsen Coulter, Vena Smith Bogart

Back Row: Lester Coulter, ? Playford, Hattie Playford (teacher) and Marian Cathcart

School Year in the early 1940's

Jack Metcalf, Virginia Vernon, Carl Lafferty, Donna Rush, Blaine David, Gary Metcalf, Robert Vernon, Joy Cathcart, and Lemoin Rush.

Carl Lafferty, Gary Metcalf, Blaine David, Robert Vernon, Donna Rush, Joy Cathcart, Virginia Vernon, and in front Lemoin Rush.


School Years 1903-1906
Teacher: Maye White

School Year 1906-1907
Teacher: Frank Laidig

School Year 1907-1908
Teacher: Rolla N. Harger

School Year 1914

Cards owned by Joy Votapka

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